Jay Dee, Founder of The BiWifeLife Community & The BiWives Club

I’ve been Bisexual since I can remember, a wife and a mother just as long.”

The BiWifeLife blog and The BiWives Club was founded by myself, an actively bisexual wife and mother who is devoted to her husband, children, community and family.I also maintain relationships with women where feasible. Always have. Some have been a long term girlfriends (which I prefer but is so hard to find & keep while married, smh), a couple have been a mutual girlfriend to my husband and I. A few were strictly friends with benefits (which is kinda scary but works well when in need ;).

I am out to family, friends, my oldest  children and my husband is very supportive of my sexuality.

Unfortunately, most married women are perceived as straight or lesbian depending on who they choose to marry.

I am bisexual and married.

Finding an understanding spouse isn’t always easy, finding an understanding lover can be even harder.  

The challenges of being bisexual become even larger when we commit to marriage and a traditional lifestyle.

I decided to blog about it and create a community of people who can identify with each other, a place to connect with like minds, free themselves & be themselves.

I encourage all visitors to browse around, see if we’re the site for you or someone you know.

If not, thanks for stopping by!

If so, stick around.

Our motto is “browse, comment, suggest, connect!”

-Jay Dee, Founder

Administrator/Moderator & Contributing Author

Mercedes Jet

“Thank you for visiting Our site and reading about Our experiences here. 

There is a reason you were drawn here and I hope you come back and engage with us.”

-Mercedes Jet

Administrator/Moderator & Contributing Author



KDaddy23 is a 59-year-old retired computer systems engineer, published writer of erotica, father, husband, avid and rather prolific blogger. 

He’s also an  experienced BiWife Husband and can give great insight on supporting a BiWife through her BiWifeLife 🙂 He’s also an unofficial non-LGBT community advocate for male bisexuals and bisexuality as a whole and, oh, yeah, as bisexual (and polyamorous) as the day is long.

He’s been there, done that, seen it, heard it. He spends a lot of time thinking about his bisexuality and how it all compares with other bisexuals which is what fuels his blogging.




Stephanie Elise BiWifeLife Contributing Writer

“I am a soon-to-be wife and a mother of one.”

I always knew I was attracted to both women and men, but I grew up thinking people were either gay or straight.

In my sophomore year of high school I read a book about the Kinsey Scale of Sexuality.

I realized that I fell pretty evenly down the middle: I was bisexual.

I spent the rest of high school struggling with that knowledge.

It wasn’t until college that I felt secure enough to come out to my close friends.

I dated mostly men and one woman, until I met my handsome fiancé.

Now, I am happily planning a wedding and raising our son…but there are many times where I wish I had someone to talk to about being bi.

And that’s how I found myself at BiWifeLife!

“My fiancé encouraged me to become more active here, and I am excited to see this community grow.”

Stephanie Elise, Contributing Writer

meredith downing contributing author BiWifeLife

“Not long after our wedding, something snapped, and I’m not exactly sure what it was, but all of a sudden I was sick of being invisible. [Maybe it was coincidentally going out for drinks during Pride Week, seeing the LG of LGBT out and proud and feeling like maybe my invitation got lost in the mail. That must be it, right?] And I was sick of the rest of my bisexual sisters and brothers being invisible and misconstrued. So I started trying to be more visible and seeking out other people like me. I found the larger nation-wide Facebook groups and online forums, but nothing with a super deep connection and certainly nothing local to me. Then I found this oasis of a site…” -M0eredith

From here, hopefully you’ll be seeing quite a bit of me as I guest-write and share my journey. I am so excited to have found all of you at the exact moment I needed you. 

– Meredith Lee, Contributing Author

31 thoughts on “Staff

  1. One thing that needs to be said is that there isn’t enough material about being a bisexual woman married to a lesbian. It is always about bisexual women marrying men and dealing with rejection from lesbians. For bisexuals feeling like they have no support, this niche is even smaller. And I also believe that bisexuality can actually be broken down further into types of bisexuality other than just bisexual or bicurious. What about those of us that walk the line right at 50/50, and then what about those that struggle with that and a desire for monogamy?? It’s a thing… am I seriously the only one out here struggling with this???

    1. I have REPEATEDLY emailed to to NO AVAIL.

      IM BEGINNING to think there isint a real person here to reply to my questions !
      Please if ANY ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF sees this please forward a VALID email that I may write to with my concerns.

      Thank you in advance !

  2. I Think you are all very inspiring and I am glad I found this site. However I posted in November and none of you have replied to my post??? I didn’t think there was that much unusual about my post. Revatii

    1. Hi there Revatii! Sorry you didn’t get any replies. Not every post does. 😦 I’m not sure what you posted but I’ll try to look it up by your name.
      I don’t respond to all posts, I allow the community to interact with, respond and reply to each other.
      If you have an issue you’d like to share with us I encourage you to try again. i will personally try to help you as best as I can and encourage the community to do so as well.
      Thank you for your kind words and for coming back despite not getting any replies.
      I am here for you! You are NOT alone 🙂
      -Jay Dee, Founder.

      1. Hi there,
        My name is Anna and Im new to this site.
        Im here because Im looking for a bisexual writers , who would write articles for my website ( which is completely different to yours) . Im looking for open minded people, who can write about anything not just sex!
        If you know anyone I would really appreciate your help.

        P.S It would be even better if that person could move over to Europe ( Bulgaria) and live with us in a great community!

        Anna x

  3. Thank you for this resource. Everything else out there on the net is just porn. This site attra real people with real lives and diverse opinions. Sometimes this kind of thing gets hectic, and hearing about other happy, well adjusted people who are comfortable and confident in themselves and their relationships helps calm those negative voices based on archaic social standards.

    I won’t lie. I NEEDED to find your site. Thank you for taking the initiative to create this safe space. My BiWife and I really find it comforting and useful.

  4. I will always remember being in Kindergarden and having crush on 3 of the boys and 1 of the girls in school. Finding my dads porn at age 6 and liking it. Its a shame took me age 23 to admit it to myself that though I always been bi. I was a girly girl from under 9 and 18-21 but tomboy from 9-17 looking back I think it was a sign. I sometimes want wear dres makeup shoes and heels but other times NFL jersey ,sneakers and hat. Often combination of both. It took me age 27 be comfortable being bi. I told my current fiancee at 23 I was bi& hes very supportive. Everything is spoken about. I have yet to experience being a woman and unlike many I read online I am absolutely certain Im neither straight nor lesbian. I don’t find reason to come out not cuz Im ashamed but I believe bedroom matters and fantasies should remain private.(not against any1 whose out I think depends on person). I believe your significant other&yourself are only people that you must come out to others if u want. I think I want to comeout to 1 my bestfriends for no real reason other then I do. I have been giving hints but by end month I know I will say it outrightly just waiting for right time to mention it. I love ultra feminine women and ultea masculine men. Growing up no 1 in family was gay or bi and didnt have a bi friend till 17 & gay till 19. This was not learmed nor at time desired behavior. I truely believe I was born bi. I played wirh Barbies just as much as cars and played house with girls b4 or aftwr playing football pr basketball with boys.i am very religious Catholic who partially change oarishes to a parish that openly accepts. Transgenders,sex changes or /&hermaphrodites turm me off. But tall masculine man with facial hair or hourglass female with flowing hair excites me. I know who I am ,i am comfortable who I am,I accept this is how God made me and I know many will not understand. I don’t like PDA so its not for attention I truely am bi . Only kissed a wonan once and barely messed around I dont need sleep with a woman to confirm it though if given opportuniy if fiancee okay w/it I would do so or if Godforbid we broke up. Just wanted share my story. I often feel like not many who are bi are quite like me

  5. Need help ! I am a bisexual male and my wife is bisexual. She wants an open relationship and I am not so much in agreement with the idea. I love may wife unconditionally, but I dont think its the best move. However, I feel like I am restraining her from really being free. I will say there is some bad history in our marriage from infidelity on both of our parts but we have decided to remain together and try to work it out. I am lost and between a cross roads, please help. Thanks for listening. One!

  6. I have been married for 14 years. My wife came out to me she was bisexual approximately 8 years into our marriage. It actually was never formly stated but brought to my attention by her wanting to participate in a threesom (with another woman). I really was not interested due to me not wanting to share my wife and becausbecause the marriage was on shaky terms. So the question emerged was she bisexual or lesbian. She revealed she may think she is bisexual. I as her husband could accept her being bisexual. There remained a disconnect between our thoughout our marriage, yet we still love each other and in love. Approximately 4 years ago my wife acted on her desire to be with another woman without me knowing. I also later in that year revealed to her I was bisexual after she found me on a chat social media page. I also revealed to her I had cheated in our relationship (with another woman). All the secrets and dishonesty put a huge wedge in our marriage. We went to marriage counseling, but ended up separating because we both did not know how to communicate and trust was lost. Trust was lost for me because I felt she was emotionally attached to the female she cheated on me with and she had no loyalty or respect for me because she was so over protective of her and their relationship. Unfortunately still to this day she has an emotional attachment to this person. As for me and my cheating it was done with and moved on. We separated for a year and realized we love each other and missed each other. Yet my wife still has the urge to be with a woman but I am not to sure I want to share her. I feel like I am denying her happiness, but I dont think I am ready to explore an open relationship. I also am not emotionally ready to let her fall back into the same person arms she cheated on me with. We have talked about a open relationship since we are both bisexual, but I feel like that would open up pandoras box. I love my wife unconditionally but I am lost.

  7. I ddo agree ith alll the conceppts youu hasve introduced to you post.
    They’re really cconvincing andd caan definitely work. Still, the possts aree too qukck foor newbies.
    Mayy you please polong them a littoe from nect time?

    Thannk you ffor thee post.

    1. I’m sorry but I had trouble understanding that.
      Did you mean my posts are too short and you’d like to see longer more detailed posts or you don’t get my posts but you get my posts?
      Please inform me.

      1. Please dont feel lost or alone. You and your wifes situation sounds identical to me and my husband. I felt alone, and felt that “We” were the only ones with a problem like this.

        However, counseling did help a little but i had to do more self realization. Your not alone and both of you can get through this.

  8. Interesting advert. I totally am flattered you’d choose to cast from my site but don’t you think you kind of missed the etiquette bar by not asking me if would be okay?
    This is a very personal and intimate site from user to user with a moderator at the hem and it was kind of rude for you to just interject yourself here.

    It would have been nice to get an email requesting permission.

  9. Hello There,

    My name is Lee (I’m a woman) and I’m a Casting Producer based in New York. We are currently casting a new TV series for a major cable network where we are seeking bisexual women who are in a relationship but their partner does not know they’re bisexual. We are seeking personable women who appear over the age of 21, who live in the United States. For those who are interested, please email your name, age, where you’re from, 5-6 photos and your story. We are on a tight deadline and will be speaking with women today and early tomorrow. Thank you!
    Email Lee, Casting Producer at:

    Casting Producer

  10. Wow. It’s been a tumultuous few months to say the least as I “came out” to my husband less than a year ago. It was so hard to explain to him that even though I wanted to have a sexual relationship with a woman, I didn’t want that to “change” our marriage in a negative way. After my first bisexual experience, we had the best month of our decade long marriage (which has struggled in the bedroom since the beginning). What a freeing experience! My “girlfriend” found this site for me this week as I have been so desperately struggling to reconcile my spiritual beliefs with those of my heart. What a relief to find a refuge here where there are so many people dealing with the same struggles as us. Thank you for your candidness. Thank you for your courage.

    1. Wow. As the founder of this site it is so awesome to get comments like that from readers. YOU are the reason why this site exsists. I swear you put a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye. My vision is coming true. I am actually reaching people who are truly under served, and so deserving. We need the support, we need answers, we need help sometimes, we need each other, we need a sense of camaraderie. We are the forgotten part of the LGBT Community. We are here. I am here, and I will make sure this doesn’t stop here. I am a natural born advocate and it seems fate has chosen my calling. I am bisexual, I love women, I am married, I have an awesome husband, and I’d love to have an awesome girlfriend, maybe one day wife. Gays and Lesbians have equal marriage rights. Bisexuals don’t. Another of my quests, lol. I love to love and be loved, I love both sexes and I love to be faithful and secure in my relationships. I’d love to have a husband and a wife one day. 😀

      Please stick around, share your story with us, how did you explain it to him? How does it help your marriage? How does it fit into your life? What challenges do you face?

      Your answers can help another reader so much. You never know 🙂

      1. Would you mind sending a pic? If so I’ll feature you as BiWife of the Week. That would be awesome. Lots of people share their story here and honestly that’s not what it’s for. It’s not a platform to share ENTIRE stories, it’s just for a little venting, problem solving, support searching, etc. I want to begin featuring BiWives who’ve come a long way and want to inspire other women in our lifestyle. We need a face to go with pictures for readers to truly connect with and feel more like opening up in their own lives. So, whaddya say? If not I won’t delete your story but it’s really not appropriate for the About The Author page. It’s a story and it should be featured. 😀

      2. I sent you the pic. For work reasons if like to keep my name as KT please.

      3. Great. I’ll get you up there this week.
        We have our first BiWife Highlight!!!

        Thank you for your courage. You may be the pioneer that kicks off a beautiful thing. More women becoming more visible can help others.

        Totally respect KT all day. Do you think Jay Dee is my birth name? lol

        See your feature here soon!

  11. I’m so excited to have found your site! I’d been looking online for other married bisexual women, and their experiences and there just isn’t much out there. Infact, before finding your site I thought about making my own thinking surely there must be other women like me out there and there is! 🙂

    1. There really isn’t much out there! 😦 That’s exactly why I created this blog. There are so many of us. We need a place to belong.

      If you would like to be a contributing writer and you have knowledge of wordpress you can email me at
      I’d love to have someone help cover all the content I’d like to feature.

    1. Thank you so much! I’ve been away for a while. My computer crashed. I’m back now 🙂
      Thank you for your support and involvement on BiWifeLife. We’re glad to have you here!
      Stay active, comment, suggest, keep coming around. It’s women like you that make this a community for US!
      -Jay Dee

  12. Wow! Thank you so much it’s funny how happy finding you! I need to say thank you, you’re beautiful, I love your energy & I am so glad to have found this blog!

    1. Wow! Thank you so much tjdb527. I didn’t see your comment for some reason until today but you made my day. At least I know this blog is not for naught. Blessings to you and may you find your way through this life peacefully and happily!
      Hope to see more of you, haven’t seen you around…

      -Jay Dee


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