What are you views on 420?

Marijuana USA – CNBC -FULL Episode – YouTube.

I, Jay Dee, am a very avid 420 supporter. Sorry if I just lost readership from some, but I am a true pot lover and always have been.

I’m happy to see the underground lifestyle become a full industry of professionals who appreciate the health benefits of the plant.

I use marijuana to stimulate appetite (if I don’t smoke I barely eat), stimulate creativity (oh, I write my behind off, working on two books, write poetry and make music). I used to perform a lot and it helped me relax for the stage and post-show networking.

I also use marijuana for my muscles and bones. I suffer from an unidentified autoimmune disorder we are working hard to narrow down. I get sick very easily, I get severe muscle and bone aches during changing or cold weather. I also suffer from very low energy and insomnia-helluva combination. A bit of bud is all I need to get out of bed on the days I can barely move, to relax my mind enough to sleep, and it literally gives me the energy I need to stay motivated. I found all this out purely by accident and have been swearing by it for almost 3 years.

I also suffer from PTSD and severe anxiety. Needless to say, a little bud, and things aren’t so bad anymore 🙂

I used to have a mini pharmacy in my closet for my ailments. Pain killers and muscle relaxers 10x’s stronger than any bud could ever be. I was on Xanax, sleeping pills and all types of stuff to ‘balance’ me out. I felt toxic.

I stopped ALL PILLS and began smoking X amount of bud per day. I have only needed maybe 3 anxiety pills in the past year.

One joint does the trick 5 bottles of pills couldn’t achieve! No side effects, no more pain or aches, no anxiety, stress drastically reduced, the whole gamut taken care of.

This is an up and coming industry. I don’t like alcohol. I don’t like nausea, vomiting, stumbling, having to pee horribly bad, the smell, drunk driving, anything associated with more than 2 drinks.

I’m a true 420 lover for many reasons. Not to mention it feels good. 😀

What are your views on the up and coming legalized marijuana industry?

How would you feel if marijuana were to become legalized like alcohol? Or alcohol made illegal and marijuana legal?

Comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts BiWifeLife Community!

-Jay Dee


Pantone Color Institute – Color Consulting and Forecasts

Pantone Color Institute – Color Consulting and Forecasts.

Color plays a very important role in our lives. Think about how many colors are around us. What colors do we wear to express how we feel? What colors adorn our house? What colors do our children like, what colors do we dress our children in? What colors do we wear in certain seasons? To certain places?

There are standard colors for life events such as navy blue to an interview, black to a funeral, white wedding dress, pink prom dress. Colors we wear/display in particular seasons orange in October, red in December, Yellow in July. Colors used to represent events, pink for the birth of a girl, blue for the birth of a boy. Colors to represent organizations, companies, even countries and communities.

In Fashion color is used to represent & showcase our creativity and individuality from makeup to garments to accessories.

Pantone is the world leader in color innovation, education and creation. They set the Fashion color trends by the season and influence design of varying spectrum’s in the artistic community.

The link above will open the vast world of colors and the many ways they can be used.

How do you use colors to show your personality?

Comment below.

Jay Dee, Founder

2015 Color Trends – Pantone Color Of The Year 2015 – ELLE DECOR

2015 Color Trends – Pantone Color Of The Year 2015 – ELLE DECOR.

As a Fashionista I tend to take Fashion very seriously. See the word capitalized? 🙂

Forecast trending is VERY important in staying Fashion forward. Going to top resources and checking out the upcoming trends will allow you to stay fashionable every season!

Check it out and tell me what you think of this Fall’s color forecast.

I looooove the blues 🙂 So calming.

(see follow up post to find out what is ‘Pantone’ and why it’s important in Fashion)

Comment below.

-Jay Dee, Founder

5 Ways You’re Hydrating Wrong | Women’s Health Magazine

5 Ways You’re Hydrating Wrong | Women’s Health Magazine.

Whew! When I first heard that I should be drinking half my body weight in ounces of water, I did the math in my head and exclaimed, “Wait! That’s well over 8 glasses a day!!”

My trainer looked at me, smiled, and said, “Exactly”.

I am trying my best to stay consistent with my hydration. I hope this article can help you too. Have you had any water today?

-Stephanie Elise, Contributing Author

A Recent Tryst

So, we finally had a tryst with a woman who was not our girlfriend. Not that we haven’t done so before, but it’d been well over a year since we’d done so.

In my mind I kinda committed to NOT sleeping with anyone unless she’s my girlfriend. A girl has needs though and finally I had to act on those.

I went to my favorite online resource, posted an ad, and and waited for the responses to come in. I happen to be very descriptive in wording and I/we have very attractive pictures.

I responded to every inquiry that held my interest and waited to see who was serious as I weighed was I really serious about screwing some random girl just because I needed a ‘taste’.

A few responded with the thousand questions, pic collectors, etc b.s. A couple were real.

I responded to the couple that were real to see who would voice verify first. One voice verified immediately.

We hit it off instantly. She was at work, we spoke briefly and she promised to come over straight from work. True to her word she called the minute she got off, she actually asked to be let off early and her request was granted!

We agreed to meet in a public place, it was still daylight, with plenty of people around. When she walked up, she looked just like her picture. Not exactly my type but she had a nice body and an easy to get along with personality.

We walked toward my house and talked, not a nervous tinge in the air at all. I was happy things were flowing smoothly. Now I just hoped she didn’t have a smell down there that would turn me off. Some women have a smell that’s nauseating to me. Others make my mouth water. I hoped over and over the closer we got to my house she had a mouth watering scent, makes for better sex.

In the house she introduced herself to my husband easily, we talked for about an hour, found they shared a major commonality, prior military service. She was a Vet. This turned me on.

She was young, only 22 but was much more mature. She worked with the elderly, had 4 years of military behind her and was working on building a good life for herself as a civilian.

When she took her clothes off you could still see the Army in her tone. She laid back on my bed, naked, no problem. I didn’t want to be rude but it had been a long time. I dove right in. She didn’t mind one bit. She was getting exactly what she came for.

She didn’t have a mouth watering scent, she didn’t have a nauseating scent. She had a pretty pussy that got wet easily, flat tummy, firm thighs & butt, pretty titties and her reactions to stimulation amped me up from the start. She loved every single touch and we loved the fact that she loved it.

Fine Dining

My husband and I strummed her body like a fine tuned piano until she couldn’t take anymore and tapped out. We finished up with each other while she watched and wore herself out one more time, lol.

We all had ‘fun’, we all got what we were looking for to say the least.

She left exhausted with the promise to return the following week should we decide to call her.

We couldn’t call her the following week on the agreed day due to children being in the house but I surely didn’t forget the fact she was supposed to be there that evening. I wanted her there that evening. I thought about her, I thought about calling her over and sending the kids out for a while. The kids are 22 , 21, 18. They’d surely understand. They’re not ignorant to my sexuality.

The girl we met was not necessarily girlfriend material, and yet she was not necessarily not girlfriend material.

She’s great in bed, that’s cool, and she’s cool, that’s cool too and maybe we’ll see her this week.

In the meantime, I’m still looking for ‘Her’ but at least I’m not drooling over sexy cartoon characters anymore, lol.

-Jay Dee