I’ve been gone for a while, finals were pretty tough this go ’round but I made it through 🙂


Thank you for requesting a room at The Center for your meeting or event. A representative from The Center will be in touch as soon as possible to review the details of your request and confirm the availability of rooms.


Please note that a major building renovation is currently underway. While The Center will remain open during the renovation, construction will impact operations and the availability of certain spaces in the building. We will do our best to honor your reservation, but please be aware that construction may necessitate that we do one or all of the following during the course of the project:

  • Decline your request for space
  • Reassign your event to a different room
  • Reassign your event to a room that is not wheelchair accessible
  • Cancel your reservation because no space is available due to construction related reasons

If we need to make changes in your booking, we will give you as much notice as possible. To contact The Center with immediate questions about the venue, or your request for a room, please call 212.620.7310.

I’m proud to say I’ve submitted a request to NYC’s LGBT Center in Manhattan for:


I’ve called the request in as well and expect to know more before the week’s end.


According to WordPress Stats we’re at 58k views and counting. Our stats are rising steadily day by day and I’d like to thank you all for your readership!

We are mostly found through Google search which says to me that there are plenty of women like you and me and husbands like my husband out there that Google looking for a place like ours.

I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated..Be sure to share Our link with friends and Family in the NYC Metro Area to ensure a good turn out. 🙂

I’ve copied the first page of The Center so you can see how much is offered at The Center and hopefully I’ll see YOU there! 😀

BiWifeLife will be right at home, in a place I’ve always known and loved.

Email to inquire about starting a BiWifeLife Chapter in your town!

-Jay Dee, Founder.

208 W 13 St
New York, NY 10011

Office Romance?

You’re at the copy machine and she walks by.

You blush, you can’t help it.

Every day she smells so sweet, her smiling face gives you butterflies every morning.

You can’t wait to get to work just to see her face.

She has no idea you exist.

Until one day she catches you glancing and locks eyes with you and you can feel it…

She’s noticed you too.

You guys talk on break, hit it off. Over time you two get pretty close.

The sexual tension is in the air and it’s on the brink of exploding all over your desk, lol.

What do you do? Are office romances bad?

Is work a good place to meet your next love interest?

Well, you know the old saying goes something like “Business and pleasure don’t mix.”

What if she’s just that special, that tempting, that you’re ready to throw caution to the wind?

What if she’s your long time work crush, and you find out she’s into you too?!

Why not? What could it hurt? Hubby knows, he’s cool with it, she’s fine with you being married.

Should you or shouldn’t you act on those urges?

When it comes to work and romance I typically avoid mixing the two although I do work well with others, despite the presence of a sexual relationship. I am very business minded and business is business.

I personally don’t believe in allowing personal relationships interfere with making money to sustain my lifestyle therefore I’d never have the office arguments, drama, etc.

Not everyone thinks the same way.

Emotions can run strong, especially when a relationship turns bad.

Could you stand to see this person every day if you became involved romantically and it ended ugly?

My current husband and I share a beautiful marriage with limited skirmishes. We do argue and get mad at each other as any other couple does.

We worked together from home for the past 4 years pretty much. During business hours we don’t discuss personal business, argue or fight. Our favorite saying is “See me after 6.” 🙂

My mother and her ex wife worked together only seats apart in the same office for YEARS and NOBODY knew for at least the first couple of years. NOBODY. They never jeopardized each other’s jobs as fraternizing was totally not allowed at her company. They both respected each other’s careers and kept personal personal. Their marriage ended years later long after they’d both left the job they met and fell in love at and they are still friends to date.

In my case,  I personally could have an office romance and nobody would be the wiser. Ever.

If my interest felt as strongly about focusing on work vs. romance that is.

What if your office lover is the one to make scenes, etc at work despite your mutual promise to keep it cool?

Well, back to that old saying, ” Business and pleasure just don’t go together.”

Office romance is a risk you take when you decide to act on those two very tempting questions:

“Why not? What could it hurt?”

-Jay Dee, Founder.

Looking for a Bi Girl Online?

Today I had a question asked of me that’s actually asked quite often- “Do you know where I can find a bi girl?”

beautiful black women kissing

Actually yea, I do, the same place everyone goes for sex-Craigslist.

Now do I recommend it? Not really. If it’s a fantasy or desire that you just can’t shake and you’re willing to take the chance then go ahead.

I sure have.

I haven’t organically met a woman since our last mutual girlfriend. She was actually the parent of one of my teenage daughter’s love interests and we began “dating” after her child and my child stopped seeing each other.

It was luck.

I know after a year, a full year of posting, trolling, joining websites and the likes that it’s damn near impossible to find the woman of your dreams through searching online.

It is possible though.

I met my wonderful husband online almost 5 years ago.

We fell in love the first night, I moved in with him in a couple of months, we married 6 months later. We worked from home together, we merged our children into one family and we’re building a life together day by day. Not without trials but he is EXACTLY what I was looking for.

How did I find  him?

I posted a few detailed and sincere ads online. My oldest daughter helped me sift through the responses and narrowed them down to the ones that held my interest.

I responded to some, deleted a lot. I finally got down to 6 candidates. Went on 5 horrible dates and when I was just “done” with the dating process I had one date left.

I dressed up for all the other dates, did my hair, makeup, etc for each potential Mr. Right- and they were all just the worst dates ever!is

The night of our date I didn’t do my hair, I wrapped it. I didn’t get dressed up, I wore a jean skirt and a hoodie with sneakers. I put on very light makeup and ended up taking it all off about an hour into the date.

When he emerged from the train station and I immediately was truly interested. He spoke and I began to swoon inside. Our first date lasted from 10pm to 6am walking around our beautiful city talking and connecting. We were instantly drawn to each other and held the same life ideals. We’d been looking for each other and found each other online.

Can this happen with a woman?

Maybe. Women are much pickier, women can be very finicky and judgmental where men aren’t.

I haven’t had luck online finding a LTR although I have met a few women of interest from online.

I find meeting women organically is much easier.

Honestly, at this point in my life I just don’t have the drive to pursue a woman when there’s so much more going on.

If she comes along we won’t let her pass us bi, but right now we don’t have time to search, we’re working hard to build our careers 😀

Looking for a relationship with another woman or biwife online is too tiresome for me.

NSA’s aren’t my thing but much easier to find for some reason.

Have you had any luck finding someone online?

If so share your story below! I’m sure we’d all love to know =)

-Jay Dee, Founder

A fine example of why we should protect ourselves…

HPV- Human Papilloma Virus

The only reason why I chose to post on this topic is because of my post yesterday.

The post discussed my active awareness of protecting myself with someone I don’t know or abstaining until test results are exchanged.

The disease HPV is caused by skin to skin contact with an infected person.

Click here  and Here to read more about how this disease is transmitted and how it can affect men and women.

The guy in the link below is a rare but very real case of HPV virus gone haywire.

Indonesian “Tree Man” Continues Treatment For Human Papilloma Virus – Pictures – Zimbio.

God forbid!

Any time you have more than one partner it’s always wise to err on the side of caution in my very strong opinion.

Good balance of knowledge and action can prevent so much.

One doesn’t have to be obsessive about it, just knowledgeable and know how to apply techniques with grace. 😉

-Jay Dee, Founder

Ready for Sex? A Few Things To Think About…

Yea, there’s that topic again, sex.

First here’s a link to the CDC to review STD rates of infection and the like.

I’ve found it’s wise to keep a few things in the front of my mind when preparing to have sex with someone you don’t know.

First and foremost, I weigh how long I have known the person and if it’s wise for me to go ahead and do what I’m about to do. If it’s someone I don’t know too well I always err on the side of caution and remember to NEVER EVER EXCHANGE BODILY FLUIDS!!!

That includes kissing…anything-herpes anyone?

If it can’t be avoided during sex and I don’t know the person well, sex can be avoided until I do know the person better AND I have recent test results in hand.

I’d rather make a date of going to get tested together and exchanging results while waiting and building anticipation vs. diving into temptation and spend a life of misery dealing with a possibly permanent STD.


Now, once all that has been done and we’re about to do the do, there’s still a few things left to do.

  • Always brush my teeth and/or gargle and swish with mouthwash
  • Always clean beneath fingernails and wash hands thoroughly
  • Clean all toys, lubricant bottles, etc with hot water and warm soap before and after using
  • Make sure all linens, lingerie/underclothes and accessories are fresh and clean (a no-brainer I know, but you’d be surprised, smh)
  • Make sure there are enough condoms, finger condoms, lube, dental dams AND whatever we need to protect ourselves (if we’re using protection) is IN ARMS REACH of where we’ll be making out. Don’t want to get caught in a hot moment without protection. -_-
  • Make sure there are paper towels and hand sanitizer in the room for cleaning our hands/genitals between different acts, toys, places, lol.
  • Baby wipes in the room for when we’re done if or anyone wants to avoid the possible sticking of paper towels
  • Lastly, a garbage bag for all the wrappers, tissues or whatever.

Sounds a bit anal-retentive I know, but I’d rather be safe than sorry any day.

For me preparation is key so we can enjoy ourselves without worry or interruption.

Do you go this far to protect yourself and your lover(s) or do you just ‘go with the flow’?

-Jay Dee, Founder


Divorce, Can It Happen To You? (Coming Out)


It can happen to any marriage for so many reasons. Due to financial reasons, infidelities, arguments, physical violence, whatever.

‘Coming Out’ to a spouse who didn’t know you were bisexual could be a very strong case for divorce as well.

Adultery or infidelity causes loss of trust, anger, pain & many other feelings.

Are you ready to accept the fact your ENTIRE WORLD may change once you open your mouth and say “I’m Bisexual.”?

There are many things to ponder before ‘coming out’ to a spouse- or anyone for that matter.

If you haven’t cheated but feel a need to ‘come out’ a few of the possible questions after your disclosure may be: Are you trustworthy? Did you lie about your sexuality or did you omit it? (Some people say it’s the same thing, to each his own.) Have you ever cheated with another woman? …and last but not least, Why didn’t you say anything before?

Lots of marriages fail every year.

Would your spouse be wrong for leaving you if you ‘come out’ after you get married?

Were you ‘wrong’ for not saying something regarding your sexuality BEFORE getting married?

The thing that gets me is why not come out before you get married?

Why hide who you are from the person you want to spend your life with?

Is that fair?

Is filing for divorce if you ‘come out’ after marriage wrong?

Please, sound off below. I’d love to hear your comments.

-Jay Dee, Founder

Pumpkin Facial: Reasons to Try

Pumpkin Facial: Reasons to Try.

With the onset of cold taking care of our skin is something I’m somewhat obsessed with. From moisturizing oils to facials that help keep our skin soft and supple I’m always looking for another way to protect the body’s larges organ-my skin!

I’d like to hear from you all with NATURAL/ORGANIC Pumpkin skin care remedies.

Come on, I know you guys know a few!


-Jay Dee, Founder

6 Herbs for PMS –®

6 Herbs for PMS – Articles & Information –®.

As a woman we have to deal with PMS for most of our lives.

As a bisexual woman we have to deal with PMS in our lovers or girlfriend.

It can be pretty ugly sometimes.

Sometimes PMS symptoms can be intolerable.


Relationships that may have been blissful for life can be ruined by two women PMS’ing at the same time every month.

I’ve found when I get really close to a woman our cycles can become the same from symptoms to dates and flow sometimes.

I can honestly say I cannot deal. Just can’t. I have my own issues I work through every month.

Sometimes the PMS can make me a bit insane (with my eating habits & attitudes) and I just can’t control it. Those hormones can be strong and I can’t stand it!


In an effort to make myself a better woman for those around me and within myself I’ve always tried to be mindful of how I treat others.

One day I decided to look up ways to make my life and personal relationships better while PMS’ing.

I found over the years there are many remedies to alleviate PMS symptoms.

I personally have found the key is balancing your hormones carefully and attaining homeostasis (mind/body/soul balance).

Hope you guys enjoy the link and be mindful of your symptoms!

-Jay Dee, Founder