Global Citizen Festival NYC-For the sake of…

Our Blog and the benefit of all those the Global Citizen Campaign helps.

In attendance will be Jay Z, Carrie Underwood, Sting and other Global political figures.

In my city anything big is a security risk. We have been sent an email advising of amped security due to certain political figures being present.

I am a Native NY’ker but my nerves are still rattled from 9/11. Usually I don’t like to attend events or go anywhere near places where the security threat may be high.

Not to mention I have midterms due tomorrow and due to pain I’ve barely been able to study and prepare. Today I am not feeling well, yesterday was a very bad day filled with pain and sleep.

I don’t want to go, not at all. I feel my body won’t let me.

Motivated by being able to report such an awesome event, with such an awesome cause, right here in my home town is too good of an opportunity to pass up.

For the sake of The Movement to end global poverty I feel it’s worth suffering through a day without my heating pad. 🙂

I’m about to board the train and head out to capture whatever I can to share with my readers. I’ve applied all the therapeutic/homeopathic tactics I could this morning and I’m pushing through.


Because next year I hope you all sign up for, campaign with Global Citizen now that you guys are aware.

Hopefully I will be able to give more awareness to their campaign and inspire other people to become involved in the campaign to end global poverty by 2015.

I do care strongly about those who are not blessed as we are.

There are millions across the globe who are nowhere near as privileged as we are in The States.

Awareness brings change.

Check out the links above, share with family, friends, co-workers, on your social networks & get involved!

Win tickets to awesome events.

I did. Shooting for Jets Tickets next 🙂 My husband is a die hard NY’ker and Jets fan. 🙂

-Jay Dee, Founder


My BiWifeLife Struggles

So, in an effort to get down to the bones of things so to speak I decided to blog about my experiences since my life is pretty boring right now.

Struggles. Struggles are a huge part of why I started this blog. The struggle of finding a spouse who could love me and my sexual quirks as well as the struggle of finding a woman who is understanding enough to share me with a man.

I was blessed with a wonderfully supportive husband who doesn’t make my sexuality something I don’t like. I don’t know if that makes sense but I’ve been in relationships where I just cried and cried wishing I were straight.

I hated being bisexual. I was flawed, promiscuous, greedy, unfaithful, a sexual freak in everyone’s eyes.

I don’t know who was worse, the dudes or the chicks in my persecution.

The guys always wanted to screw my chick, my chick was always jealous of my dude. The cross jealousy was too much sometimes, especially if they didn’t like each other.

I tried to be straight. I knew I could never be a lesbian. My tang and my religious beliefs wouldn’t let me forsake penis for all of life. No way.

I tried to be a righteous woman, bowing to my husband’s will, serving God first my husband second. I tried to pray it away, ignore it and did all the torturous stuff we bi/gay folks do when we pretend or try to be straight.

It was horrible. I was haunted.

When I divorced I vowed to hold out on serious relationships with ANY GENDER unless the person was truly and fully accepting of my sexuality.

My first straight relationship out of divorce was The One. He still is.

I thought my girlfriend (who had a boyfriend/fiance) was Her. She was for a while there until her and her boyfriend broke up while I was dating my new boyfriend. She all of a sudden wanted me to go les, drop him and ride off into the sunset with her. There was no way. I was falling in love with him despite my deep and passionate love for her.

He was perfect for me, even if she wasn’t.

Her and I broke up.

Shortly after I met a woman who fell in love with both my husband and myself. She was exactly what we wanted in a female at that time. She fit us and our needs, we fit hers. It lasted a year. She loved him so much she wanted his baby and tried to go about it the sneaky way.

He ended it.

I’ve been single ever since (no girlfriend, still married of course!) and I’m just so exhausted of the extra bullshit madness that comes with the female search while being married to a man.

That’s a ride we took for a whole year. Searching for Her. #Unicorn

We met some women along the way but found it’s not always them that’s the problem. I know sometimes it can be me.

One woman we met in particular stands out in my mind. She was interested in us both, great, stable, carefree life. Good paying established career, god fearing, good family who knew her sexuality, nice home, nice car, awesome personality. She really liked us and what we were about in return.

When I met her in person she was flawless. Like perfection flawless skin, features, and gosh her shape was killer!!!

She was everything my husband wanted in a woman, they got along so well over the phone, shared so much in common. I felt threatened and I said so! He of course assured me there was no need. I didn’t believe him. We never called her back. I saw them riding off into the sunset in my mind and it scared the shit out of me. Not my husband, my perfect-for-me husband!

‘The Challenges I’ve Faced’ list could go on and on and on from finding a chill chick to renting a hotel room with 3 people.

I have no idea if I’ll ever find the woman who completes me as I’ve found the man to be my better half. What I do know is I’m tired of looking. Thus I am not. Our Universes will bring us together if we were meant to be I strongly believe.

If She’s out there.

If I get tired of waiting I’ll go looking again.

For now, I’m resting.



-Jay Dee, Founder

Spark Your Way to a 10K | SparkPeople

Spark Your Way to a 10K | SparkPeople.

My fiance and I will be running a 10K (6.2 miles) across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in November, and we are about halfway through this training program. I wanted to wait a few weeks before I commented on it to see if it worked for us.

I love it! I am working through the walk/jog schedule and it has been making all the difference. I didn’t think I could finish 6 miles, mostly running but if I race like I am currently training, I will crush my previous 10K time.

What activities you do share with your significant other?

-Stephanie Elise, Contributing Author

Street Fashion!

I’ve been stopping folks on the street whose individuality stands out.

People I feel are the epitome of self expressionism and self freedom.

I love the ability to be free. Free in being who I am every second of every minute spent on this planet. Without persecution or judgement so long as I don’t intentionally harm others. These people inspire and  excite me. From Vintage Kings & Queens to Fashion Rebels and in between I love it all 🙂

In my city, New York City, swag rules.

Hope you all enjoy my street fashion uploads!

-Jay Dee, Founder

Everything about Michael  B screams, “I AM FREE TO BE ME!”

Michael B of Brooklyn, NY
Michael B of Brooklyn, NY
Michael B of Brooklyn, NY
Michael B of Brooklyn, NY

A totally relaxed, cool swag on a Sunday in Brooklyn, NY Michael B was walking by and caught my eye. His bright red lipstick caught my attention. His clear skin and dramatic eyes cloaked behind sexy shades and a high ponytail were accented with ropes over body ink. He was the perfect street fashion shot!

His nautical striped red, white and blue shirt over acid wash skinny jeans perfectly accented with classic white sneaks hollered “New York is in the hoooooouseee!”

Loved the swag!

She doesn’t care who thinks what of her blue hair!

She didn't give her name or email but happily posed :)
She didn’t give her name or email but happily posed 🙂
She didn't give her name or email but happily posed :)
She didn’t give her name or email but happily posed 🙂

I especially love how she tied in the blue hair with the blue bag, the yellow in her dress with the yellow patch on her blue bag & the brown shoes with the brown print in her dress. She was walking past the perfect backdrop when I saw her. After a brief introduction and giving her my card she happily posed for two quick shots and promised to email me….I’m almost sure she was a tourist.


-Jay Dee, Founder

More Street Fashion!

Another cute couple that embraced the embodiment of Brooklyn.

Totally relaxed Sat. afternoon.

Loving the 80’s look.

Thanks guys for posing for Us even though you were in  a rush!
Ofir Hurvitz of Israel
Topaz Hurvitz & Ofir Hurvitz, Brother & Sister (how awesome!) of Israel

-Jay Dee, Founder


The Norwalk Boat Show-HURRY-Tomorrow’s the last day!!!

I was so nicely invited to the Norwalk Boat show to share with my readers the experience.

I’ve chosen to do so in pictures so you can see first hand what I saw.

It was a beautiful sunny day out (as tomorrow is supposed to be) and the waters were gorgeous. The rows of boats, displayed boats and people milling about on the docks with the green islands behind them in the distance made a post card image. My husband came along to take images while I took notes. Here’s our day at the Norwalk Boat Show.

Turning off the exit
Turning off the exit. Sorry it’s a bit blurry, we were going the speed limit, lol. After just a few turns and following the signs we see a lovely spring to our Left.




To the left just outside the entrance of the Marina


To my right just outside the entrance of the Marina

Entrance. Such a lovely sign!

Just to the left of this sign is a playground, skate park, picnic area. Also further along the path you will find a burger joint for the hungry munchkins.

Parking Lot
Beautiful boats just inside the initial parking lot.


Steps past the Free Doggy Sitting Kennel just inside from the parking lot. Directly to the right of where I took this picture is free doggy sitting the entire time you are in the show. The show runs for about 8 hours. Bring your doggy for a dog day out!


We were met in the Parking Lot by a lovely welcome person who escorted us to the Press Booth to collect our Lunches and passes. Not everyone likes photos taken, lol.


Just past the ticket booth. We’re in! The Norwalk Boat Show’s top sponsors are Geico & Progressive.


The Geico Speed Boat


Just to the left of the Geico Speed boat sat a pure beauty. Miss Daisy

Should you go Ladies you MUST take a pic with Miss Daisy, use the hashtag #MissDaisy and don’t forget to hashtag #biwifelifeblog!

Do it for Jay Dee 🙂


Directly across from Miss Daisy sits her beau. I don’t know his name but he sure is handsome! Guys take your pic, use hashtag #NorwalkBoatShow & #BiWifeLifeSupporter. Do it for Jay Dee!


Finally, down the boardwalk and into the boat show!

What I would like to remind you all is these boats are docked by companies showing off their prizes in hopes to sell.  Boats are more affordable than you may think. My husband and I did some shopping around.

We saw every single boat in the show. There were boats priced from $80k with low monthly payments to floating luxury hotels that ran millions. There was something for everyone from the every day Joe to the Warren Buffets. The boats hosts and hostesses were very well informed, knowledgeable and friendly. There were some hard pressure sales pitches that made me a bit uncomfortable put me in the mind of time share sales.

In the end, I’m  NY’ker with thick skin. We made it off the boats without signing our lives away, although hubby was tempted, lol 🙂


One of our first stops was at Try It Cove. My husband tried kyacking (which we do at home when feasible), I tried paddle boarding.

Here’s a series of pics showing the wonderful instruction by Down Under’s owner who makes pros out of newbies in minutes!

Her main focus is safety and efficiency. I can say this much, she’s totally awesome. Check her out here at this great article showing just how awesome their instruction is. Even an 80 year old can learn to stand up paddle board!

Instruction and try outs FREE at the show in Try It Cove 😀


Learning how to hold the oar.


Ready to head out!


He’s got the hang of it 🙂


Learning how to use the oar and paddle board.
SAMSUNGLearning how to stand up on the board on the docked practice board before going out onto the water.
Down Under Instruction7
He’s kyacking, I’m stand up paddle  boarding with only 5 minutes of instruction!


Smoothies after lunch in the Cabana.

See the website for images of the wonderfully shaded Cabana with a cash bar, tables, stools and live music.

There’s so much more! I will be adding pictures through the night of our free boat ride and more.

I really wanted to share this with you guys while there’s still time to get tickets.

Only $15 each adult & children under 15 free why not make a day on the lake?


-Jay Dee, Founder