Non Binary

This space is dedicated to those who do not identify as masculine or feminine, male nor female, to connect with others and discuss topics related to Living Bi in long term relationships.

How does your identity and sexuality affect  your relationships?

Does your identity matter when dating?

What issues do you face when dealing with your bisexuality on a day to day basis?

This is a place to discuss whatever’s on your mind.

Share your thoughts, feelings and insights, connect with others.


One thought on “Non Binary

  1. I am so lucky to have found this site! I am a 22 year old woman in a long term (6 years high school sweethearts) “monogamous” relationship with a man. I have known that I was attracted to women since very early in my life. Throughout my school age years I had an equal amount of girlfriends, and boyfriends…and then I met my boyfriend in highschool. I love him deeply. He has never been sexually active with any other person but me. In a way, its very sweet and also one of the things I love most about him (his loyalty). So everything sounds perfect right? WRONG. I have been with many other people before him men and women. Yes it was a very fragile time of my life and in the early stages as well but sex is sex none the less. I have been tempted just like anyone else in a relationship but I CAN NOT over come the feelings of needing to be with a women within the last few years of my relationship. I tell myself that we’re technically not married so I’m not doing anything wrong, but its just what I tell myself to get by. I have tried to explain these feelings to him and he doesn’t understand at all. He’s very judgmental of the LGBT community and lifestyle, which is devasting for me because I feel guilty by association… Even though I know I am very much apart of that community. So the advice I am looking for is this…Do I continue to stay in my relationship with someone who loves me (for what he thinks I am and one day wants to get married and have children) and resist temptation (considering it will always be there) OR do I be honest and tell him I have desires that he can not fulfill and start my life over. I am terrified of losing what I have with him…but also very torn from a huge part of me and who I am. I want to sleep with women again!


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