Overall Toning Exercises -AWESOME List with Videos!!! :)

Fitness Magazine, 20 exercises with pictures & video.


Dance Spirit Fitness

As a youth I was a Performing Arts major. Trained in dance & vocal. I’ve given birth to 5 children and have the shape of a woman in my twenties. I’ve always done core strengthening and overall body tone workouts. From calves to arms I maintained tone and definition. I haven’t worked out in 3 years and still have my form…but it’s fading, lol.

I plan to begin seriously working out several times a week this Monday after acheiving my weight goals recently.

I’m doing an overall body makeover that’s years in progress. I am almost done. Last step, final toning and sculpting.

Dancers exercises and stretches are amazingly toning and not necessarily high energy exhausting workouts. Just purposeful and well targeted exercises.


Bryan Oknayansky Metal Heels

warren ellis metal heels

Image Source: http://www.warrenellis.com/?p=13529

Check out Bryan’s latest collection here:


A very unique shoe designer.

Design your own shoe tool on website to give YOU the choice in how you wish to stack your shoe colors! Try it out here http://www.shoesbybryan.com/design/split-heels-collection

Very interesting for those of us with outside the box fashion tastes from time to time. 🙂


I’m Bisexual, should I attend services? What about my religion?

For those of us who are a bit more than spiritual, for those of us who considered or consider ourselves among the enlightened, righteous, god fearing.

What about us? What do we do now that we are actively having sexual thoughts and/or sex with the same sex.

  • Are we now damned to burn?
  • Should we hide in shame?
  • Should we keep on with life as nothing’s changed?
  • Should we hold to our faith, question our God or remain strong?
  • Should we stifle our natural (unnatural) desires for the same sex?
  • Should we actually act on our feelings or ignore them?
  • Do I talk about this to someone or just pray it away?
  • What if there’s a mutual attraction between me and a religious community member?
  • What if I (God forbid) become involved with some one inside of our religious community?

Whew! Pretty deep questions.

The answers to which is purely personal and between you and your God.


I nor anyone else can tell you what to do in those situations. Those are situations that require faith, prayer and guidance from your Higher Power. The above questions are examples of situations you cannot find answers to outside of yourself.

It may be good to look outside yourself for help in various situations but some things are for you to deal with privately and alone. You have to weigh your options, use consequential thinking and ask yourself, Am I okay with this, really? Is this in my best interest? Will this hurt me in the long run? and so many other questions. This is all about you!

Now, as righteous and God serving BiWives we can’t just shut our partner out and follow our own desires. For that we could have remained single!

What we can do is express our need for introspection time. We need time to ponder and weigh some things. We can clearly express this to our spouse, and consult with him before taking action on our thoughts.

We cannot disregard his sexual rights over us as his wife, if we live a religious based marriage. We have to respect his last word is law, if we live by the holy books and we must keep in mind he is being kind if he is supportive throughout this process.  

Lots to think about and go over in your own mind…what are your thoughts?


Why Do We Do What We Do?

The male perspective…

Kdaddy23's Blog

Bisexuality has been exploding all over WordPress in the last week, with many different takes and views as being in the middle takes more of a center stage.  But underneath all of the descriptions and subsets, there lies a rather simple question that can be asked… but one that’s not so easy to answer:

Why do we do what we do?

So one could easily go back to Shalynne’s thirteen types and see how one may act in this (or not) but it’s my belief that if society’s trying to figure out bisexuals, they shouldn’t look at what they’re doing – it needs to look at why it’s being done, what would make someone who’s been straight decide to straddle the line between heterosexuality and homosexuality.

A lot of guys might say, in response to this question, that they tried it and liked it; some may respond that they had…

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Dead 3 Years and No One Notices

Interesting perspective & discussion piece.


Joyce Vincent was 41 years old when she was found dead in her UK home, but she was 38 when she died.

For three years, from 2003-2006, her body lay surrounded by Christmas gifts she was planning to wrap; the television still on. How does this happen?

Especially to a woman who was social, who two-years prior had a high-powered job at Ernst and Young, who had rubbed elbows with celebrities, and who wanted to get married?

That’s what documentary filmmaker Carol Morley set to find out. But her new film, “Dreams of a Life,” is about more than just Joyce Vincent, a young, beautiful London woman whose parents were from the Caribbean and who no one seemed to miss when she was gone. It’s about life, death, and loneliness.

To promote the film, the studio, Hide & Seek, created a companion website called Dreams of Your Life to engage…

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Old Fashioned Cleaning Tips That Our Grandmothers Used

Ladies, very good, simplistic cleaning tips!


Old-fashioned cleaning tips of the kind our grandmothers used are actually pretty effective. We don’t need a vast array of chemical products when simple ingredients do the job just as well (or better). Store cupboard basics such as lemon juice and vinegar will tackle most cleaning jobs. What’s more, they won’t hurt your pets or cause harm to the environment. So try these effective old-fashioned cleaning tips for a sparkling home …

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Threesome Guidelines

A post inspired by one of Our readers, Lucy  🙂

What are some of the guidelines?

Well, it all depends on the couple. The couple sets the guidelines, well in advance of the actual threesome taking place.

This is something that should be discussed well before even selecting someone. There may even be guidelines for the selection criteria! Maybe seeing him with a particular type of female sends all of your raging jealous hormones into overdrive vs. another type of female.

Either way it goes ground rules should be set.

Using my husband and I’s guidelines I’ll give you an example.

  • No Kissing between him and her, no matter how intense, kissing is something reserved for us.
  • Nothing is done unprotected. Condoms at all times!
  • If it gets too intense, if bad feelings develop we stop right away.
  • Respect each other’s emotions should a situation come about.
  • No exchange of bodily fluids-ever.


  • You already feel pain at the mere thought of it
  • You really don’t want to
  • If your relationship is not in a good place
  • If you are not in a good place within your relationship
  • If he wants it more than you do
  • If he wants it primarily to be with someone besides you
  • If you think it will hurt your marriage in any way

A threesome is about your sexuality-not his desire to have sex with more than one woman! This is about your exploration not his selfish needs.

  • Establish how much contact the two should have, if any.
  • Will he just watch?
  • Who will it be?
  • Will it be a one time thing?
  • How will I feel when it’s over?
  • How will he look at me when it’s over? (if you know your spouse very well)

Will I be okay when it’s over? Will he?

What about her boundaries, her guidelines?

Very simple. Discuss them, all 3 of you, and respect them!

-Jay Dee

Questions? Comments?

Miz Lulu | “Always try to release negative energy quickly and replace it with a loving positive energy. Breathe out the bad and inhale peace and love.”

Miz Lulu | “Always try to release negative energy quickly and replace it with a loving positive energy. Breathe out the bad and inhale peace and love.

A great beauty blog for those of you who enjoy a creative perspective, color and glam.

Her eye for color and art are just plain pretty.

Hope you enjoy browsing as I did 🙂

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