Tyrell Mason, Tyrell Collections Preview (Video)

Well, here it is- a preview of the line Tyrell Mason showed this past weekend at Fashion Avenue News Magazine’s Press Preview.

Remember, you can always go to TyrellCollections.com to purchase any of the pieces you see in his line and/or discuss personalized design ideas.


-Jay Dee, Founder

Ray Brown For Ray Vincente Menswear Line Preview (Video)

Well, here it is- a preview of the line Ray Brown showed this past weekend at Fashion Avenue News Magazine’s Press Preview. Remember, you can always go to RayVincente.com to purchase any of the pieces you see in his line and/or discuss personalized design ideas.


-Jay Dee, Founder

Fashion Avenue News Magazine Press Preview!!!

The Ball NYC Photo Credit: Jay Dee
The Ball NY Photo Credit: Jay Dee

This afternoon and into the evening I had the opportunity to have a seat at Fashion Avenue News Magazine’s Press Preview of 3 Designers and their awesome collections.

The event was hosted by the talented and tireless Sophia Davis, the Editor in Chief of Fashion Avenue News Magazine at The Ball NY, a premiere dance studio.

The Ball NYC is home of World and National ballroom dance champions as well as world class coaches and dancers of many disciplines.

Here’s the rundown of the fantabulous show …

Kristina Staykova

Kristina Staykova & her model Photo Credit: Jay Dee
Kristina Staykova Photo Credit: Jay Dee
Kristina Staykova
Photo Credit: Jay Dee

Kristina’s line featured lots of colors and world influence. When I interviewed her I asked “Who is the woman you design for?” She answered me with the most eloquently passionate of answers:

“For the woman who loves to be dripping in diamonds!” using her hands to outline her own black glittery dress for emphasis. I could visualize myself in a gown of shimmering diamonds as she said it!

She is the owner of Botique Staykova, the ultimate high end boutique offering Haute Coture Costumes and fashion for the Ballroom Dancer including shoes, accessories and practice wear.

Some of her favorite fabrics to design with are flowy fabrics such as chiffon and silk charmuse for an air of elegance and of course she loves tulle & glittery fabrics to bring out the fabulous in whomever dons her creations.

I must admit a few of her pieces had me wishing I was a dancer just to look glamorous in one of her gowns! 🙂

Her high end piece price point begins at $1,500-$2,000 per piece.

Items can be purchased in the studio OR online at The Ball NY.

Ray Brown for Ray Vincente

Ray Brown for Ray Vincente Photo Credit: Jay Dee
Ray Brown for Ray Vincente
Photo Credit: Jay Dee

Ray is a menswear designer with a background of formal education and freelance design work. His line featured LOTS of black and white. Some of his favorite fabrics to work with include jersey, blended wool, and faux leather. Basically anything stretchy. 🙂 When asked who does he design for he answered “I design for the confident man. A man who isn’t afraid to show his individuality.” He said he purposely designs to allow for creativity, mixing and matching. Any guy can wear one or more of his designs to add some pop to his look!

His price point begins at $75+ for tops and pants, coats $150+ and pieces can be purchased online at rayvincente.com.

 Tyrell Mason

Tyrell Mason & his model Photo Credit: Jay Dee
Tyrell Mason & his model
Photo Credit: Jay Dee

Tyrell is a designer that loves textured fabrics. He used A LOT of stunning, shimmering golds, brown, bronze and black in his collection. When asked who does he design for he said he designs for the average woman, women of all ages and backgrounds. I can say from watching his line that he says what he means. His designs were a wide variety of fabrics, cuts and designs. I have to say ladies, Tyrell a ‘real woman’ designer. He designs with us mind for sure. In his line I saw pieces I could wear with the kids, on date night or even a stroll in the park!

His price point begins at $150+ depending on the garment. He does offer individualized custom designs done right here in NYC as well as offers a wide variety of sizes to fit every woman!

His designs can be found at TyrellCollections.com

Hope you guys enjoyed the article as much as I enjoyed being there!

Jay Dee, Founder

Carolina Herrera Fall 2015 Collection~SavorFlair.com

Carolina Herrera Fall 2015 Collection | Runway | Savoir Flair.

I’m totally in love with this gown!!!! I mean totally awesome for a Health Care AND Fashion junkie! 🙂


Below is another of my fav looks. The shirt and the gloves are glorious!

Her evening gowns were stunning as usual. The flow on the back of this gown is flooring! No pun intended but sheesh, the flow just plain hypnotizing. I love long super flowy gowns!


Carolina Herrera is a legend and she’s def got some serious pieces a girl like me can only dream of owning…and having some place to wear her magnificent designs to!

-Jay Dee, Founder



This was the last show my husband and I held tickets to…

The one I barely could walk and had to turn around to struggle my way home.

I’m so sick to my stomach we missed it….BUT

Here’s a brief recap and you can also google for yourselves to see the wonderful Fashion I was to be front row reporting for all my BiWife Fashion Lovers!

-Jay Dee, Founder

NYFW Feb 2015

With well over 38 tickets in hand I have yet to attend ONE single Fashion Show.

There are a few factors that have left this section a bit empty and for those who really love fashion as I do.

#1 I have an autoimmune disorder that is very, very painful in several weather conditions (Lupus). Cold, transitioning weather, snow or rain hurt the inside of my bones very badly. It’s hard for me to walk during those weather conditions which makes reporting events during winter months very hard. I try my best but we’ve had a brutal winter and it’s been almost impossible to get out to shows.

#2 I fractured my toe as you all know and trying to wear heels to shows in the snow, freezing temps, etc is near impossible as well. -_-

I’ve tried my hardest to get out to shows during Fashion Week this month but Feb was full of brutal, brutal snowstorms, freezing rain showers and subzero temps. I just couldn’t.

I’ve literally fully dressed and departed for events and have had to turn around. One time with my husband (who is a disabled veteran) struggling to support me home because I literally couldn’t walk from the pain in my legs (where most of my pain is). His shoulders and neck are extensively damaged from service duties. Carrying me wasn’t possible…

Spring can be kind of tough as well due to the fluctuation in temps and the moisture in the air but I’m praying March will be kinder to my city weather wise and I’ll get out and about more.

I’m suffering from not only pain but cabin fever as well!

I’ve watched runway shows online and will probably share them with you here in lieu of actual front row coverage.

In the meantime no fears. I have tickets, blogger front row seats, to some of the hottest shows to come to NYC in the coming months.

This section should be the most filled besides ‘All Posts’ given my extreme love for Fashion. -_-

I pray God is merciful and I don’t have to miss anymore shows.

-Jay Dee, Founder

NY F/W Fashion Week February 12-19 2015

Well, another Fashion Week is upon us. As you can see the Fashion section is lacking heavily.

I fractured my toe just days before Fashion Week this past Sept.

February 12th in NYC Fall/Winter Fashion week kicks off in my city.

Click Here for Live Fashion Week Footage from around the world.

When I created this section I’d just completed working with someone who sent me on assignments, front line, during Fashion Week and gave me the experience of a lifetime. I knew then and there I wanted to be a Fashion Writer or Blogger.

With so much else happening in life, without the right connections or the right money I couldn’t find my way into these events without her. I am grateful for the experience. What I did learn was that from my life’s work in music I can mix and mingle anywhere.

I can meet people easily and my passion for fashion is as deep as the music’s beat is to my soul. I can make my own connections rather easily and secure events to cover on my own using my natural passion for fashion.

I’ve booked as many Fashion Week events as I can and pray I can make it through them all.

My toe fracture didn’t heal well and walking in heels is near impossible, but I make it happen as gracefully as possible. With my husband being a freelance Fashion Designer every event we attend I am his living model, a representation of him, usually in clad one of his classy creations.

He designs formal women’s evening wear primarily. Heels are necessary.

For you, the readers, for the love of Fashion I will suffer in my heels through whatever event I must to bring you the hottest, most current, most trending, most unique coverage I can during Fashion Week.

Here’s a link for all my FASHION LOVERS. Watch Fashion Week ALL OVER THE WORLD LIVE!!!:)

So far we’re scheduled for several events back to back. This section should be full of great content and images for you all to enjoy.

NEW YORK’S FASHION WEEK is here and I’m sooooooo excited! 🙂

-Jay Dee, Founder