Computer Crash!!!

Just when I’ve finally figured out what to do with this blog, how to do it and get it just the way I like…

My computer crashes. 😦

Of course we do have a desktop at home but it’s mainly for my husband’s business.

I can’t spend hours researching and writing on his the way I do my own.

So, like all great things, I’ll have to wait for this wonderful idea of mine to come to life.

I hope you bear with me during the transition and the time it may take to get a new computer on my lap.

Anyone in NYC want to donate a computer to BiWifeLife? lol. 

Rest assured I’m not going anywhere and when I do come back we will be new and improved with our makeover.

Be sure to leave your  comments, requests, article topics, like us on FB and G+ while we’re gone. I’ll be checking in as often as possible!

-Jay Dee


She walked past me…

as I sat on the A train headed to Manhattan.

The most perfect blend of feminine and masculine rolled into one tight body, perfect facial features, gorgeous hair, firm perfectly sized breasts, a large round ass, and crazy swagg.

She sat across from me as I blushed and lowered my eyes. Just the sight of her made me shy. I wanted to say something but before I could her eyes rested on my wedding band…and I on hers.

The gold band on her right hand told me all I needed to know. She was taken…by another woman. I stood no chance.

I rode the train, semi-holding my breath as I tried to focus on my book, hands trembling and betraying my innermost feelings. I stole glances at her gorgeous face the entire ride. I have no idea what the pages in my book contained as I read. All I could think about was kissing her full brown lips and caressing her perfect Hazelnut skin.

We both got off at 14th Street, the heart of the West Village. She looked back once as I watched her sway away. In the moments I spent in her presence I was acutely aware of something I never knew existed-love at first sight…with a woman.

I’ve seen plenty of stunning beauty in this great city of mine, but none with beauty like hers. It’s been about two weeks and I can still see her in my head, sitting across from me reading her Kindle and swaying away from me down 14th street.

She was completely breathtaking and she stole my heart in a half hour, with not one single word.


So, she finally called….

Thick juicy lips, equally thick hips, a firm round ass, perfect breasts, clear skin, almost flat tummy and a personality that drives me batty sometimes she finally called.

We’ve been seeing each other on and off  again for a little bit over a year, she’s my husband and I’s girlfriend. We haven’t spoke in months due to her violating our terms of the relationship and I was seriously considering moving on. She just doesn’t fit us in the way we need her to…but her body is so addictive.

I’ve been searching for someone to spend my time with and give my love to but haven’t found her yet because I am too picky. She is everything I could want physically in a woman but we just don’t click in the way I need to in order to be totally committed and serious.

She calls, apologizes, tells me how much she misses me, and him I automatically accepted the apology in hopes of seeing her again…then the games began. Just that friggin quick. When I ask when will we see her she evades the question. *Red Face-steam blowing out my ears!* The truth is I’ve missed her too but not enough  to forgive her wrongdoings and call her. I know I set myself up for her games…but she’s just so friggin soft and tasty! Sheesh. A girl could only hope for a miracle.

We talked on the phone twice since her first call this past Friday but I ask myself the honest question- Do I really want to deal with her? She can’t be what we want her to be, she can only be herself, if she doesn’t fit us, what’s the point?

The point is she’s everything, I mean everything a woman can ask for in a horizontal position…or even vertical, lol.

She’s so pretty, so soft, so intensely sexual but her personality is polar opposite of what I like in a woman and what my husband and I want in a woman relationship wise. She lives two hours away, is always at work and never has time to visit us to top it off.

She wants me to come see her but she has a house full of kids that don’t know her sexuality and honestly I can’t keep my hands to myself when I’m around Her. She’s just too damn sexy!

She’s complicated for no reason and can’t understand simplicity, which drives us both batty. I resolved in my mind it’s time to move on and seek out a new lover…and then she called apologizing-and I accepted.

She called back today to tell me her sixth sense doesn’t trust me! Sheesh this woman drives me up the walls! I’m open, honest and real and the truth is I want someone a part of my life every day, not just when she feels she may possibly have time for me…or us.

I don’t know whether to get back on this trippy ride with HER or keep looking for MS. RIGHT.

An excerpt from a moment in my BiWifeLife…

-Jay Dee

BiWifeLife is Getting a Makeover!!!

So, as I’ve posted before I can’t seem to find something relating to bisexuality to blog about every single day…which is why my content is a bit lacking.

I’ve decided after much pondering (and some neglectfulness of my blog) to add content I love and I’m sure all you other wives will enjoy.

As I stated on the “About” page I’d like to cover a wide range of topics related to being a wife in general, not just a bisexual wife.  I’ve come to the conclusion to add pages with content covering Fashion & Beauty, Health & Fitness, Home Decor and Travel. That may be a lot of pages but I tell you this much, being a wife is a lot of work!

As wives our lives are not selfish, rather just the opposite. We face tough demands to divide our time between ourselves, our spouse, our lover (if we have one), our home and our children (if we have any). Career wives I won’t forget about you. There will always be content for the working wife across all pages. I know all too well the demands of a busy lifestyle.

On a daily basis we have to face maintaining our figures & youthful appearance (or at least strive to age gracefully, lol), keeping ourselves and loved ones healthy, our homes beautiful and finding down time in all the chaos.

I have an absolute passion for fashion and beauty, healthy but tasty food, health and fitness, home decor as well as travel. I’m sure you ladies can agree, no matter what sexuality one may be there’s much more to life than our sexualities.

I plan to add additional pages this week. I sincerely hope you like the new look and enjoy the new content.

Remember to share our link, comment, suggest, share, interact with other readers and visit often.

BiWifeLife is getting a makeover! Ladies, I’m sure you’re going to love our new look! 🙂

Jay Dee