In The Meantime, In The Background…

Well, I’ve been out of sight for a while but trust me, BiWifeLife is all that’s been on my mind through the month of June. It’s PRIDE month!!!

I’ve been working very hard in the background, doing ground work to get Our name out there and bring visibility to Us as a community.

We are a community.

A community of wives and husbands, fiances, girlfriends and boyfriends who all deal with the same issue- a bisexual mate.

With the wonderful addition of KDaddy we are able to view the perspective of a husband married to a bisexual woman. We are able to cater to husbands questions, concerns, etc through a man’s eyes. I’m working to expand that concept.

BiWifeLife has partnered with The Brooklyn Community PRIDE Center in Brooklyn, New York to throw the first Bisexual Social Mixer in the center’s history on July 1, 2015 at 7pm.

BiWifeLife Social Mixer July 12015

IF our turn out is good we’ll begin a Bi gathering Bi weekly right here in Brooklyn, NYC.

Now, we know there are other bi gatherings  here in the city, maybe even in Brooklyn BUT this is a social gathering sponsored by BiWifeLife, a place for married bisexual women.

My husband will be co-facilitating the mixers/groups right alongside me.

I do have hopes of expanding our resource to Bisexual married men, I am arranging meetings with other orgs in the coming week or so to do just that.

Just yesterday I was at the Mayor’s Pride Reception where the Mayor of NYC and his wife gave awesome speeches and reminded everyone this city flies rainbow flags too, not just the American Flag. There I connected with many great people in many great circles who not only loved the concept of BiWifeLife but had many contacts and resources who would be interested in Our cause. BiWife Visibility. We are invisible.

As I explained to someone earlier when my husband and I attend PRIDE events sometimes we get sneers and ugly looks upon entering the room…that is until I pull out my BiWifeLife business card and all of a sudden I now am beyond welcomed. Bisexual married women AND men are invisible. Even more invisible than the much overlooked B in the LGBT. It truly pains me there aren’t more resources for Us. I’m working hard to partner/collaborate/join forces with other Bi organizations and resources to let women around the world know We are here.

Being it’s PRIDE month there are many more organizations out and about, mixing, socializing, gathering, marching, etc. Last year we attended the Transcending Boundaries Conference where we let other organizations know for the first time that We, BiWifeLife exsists. This year my husband and I will be doing a workshop on “Disclosing and Managing Bisexuality in Marriage or an LTR” at that very same conference.

We (my husband, family and I) all partake in promoting BiWifeLife to get the word out there is a place for Bisexual Married women, soon Bisexual Married Men as well.

We face a unique set of issues only We can understand. No one wears our shoes but Us.

I hope to have BiWifeLife Gear, mugs, keychains, pens, mousepads, events, retreats, etc…but again I’m like a one woman show.

I can’t keep doing it all alone.

We are a community.

If YOU would like to be involved we are in need of:

1. Social Media Moderator

2. Blog Editor

3. Contributing Writers

4. Techies to manage other platforms

This blog is powered by YOU, the readers and commenters, the ones who engage in dialog and keep things interesting here.

I’d like to thank you all for being with Us thus far!!!

Drop a line to if you’re interested in volunteering.

-Jay Dee, Founder

More Street Fashion!

Another cute couple that embraced the embodiment of Brooklyn.

Totally relaxed Sat. afternoon.

Loving the 80’s look.

Thanks guys for posing for Us even though you were in  a rush!
Ofir Hurvitz of Israel
Topaz Hurvitz & Ofir Hurvitz, Brother & Sister (how awesome!) of Israel

-Jay Dee, Founder




I’ve been talking about it for a while but it’s now time to make the change.

BiWifeLife Readers:

You will see new tabs, new sections to post in. We will have a new Facebook Group for members to connect in.

I’m not a WordPress Guru nor do I have the time to become one. **WORDPRESS GURU WANTED***

My hand is in many different cookie jars in life and I just don’t have the time to dedicate my entire life to BiWifeLife…BUT…I’m slowly making changes.

I will be editing and scaling down some of the very long posts on the site from readers who have shared their story.

Although we appreciate your sharing we do have to limit length for easy reading. Please edit your posts to the shortest length possible when sharing or commenting. I totally understand some topics require longer conversation. I write how I speak as well. Some long posts WILL NOT be edited for sake of keeping the original thought in tact.

By posting within the site you acknowledge posts may be edited from this point forth.

My passions in life are Fashion, Beauty, Health & Fitness and Travel.

We were going to add supporters and Husband pages but in all honesty the further from PRIDE month we get I’m noticing our stats aren’t skyrocketing by the day any longer but rather steady and climbing as we were before PRIDE month. Which is great. We haven’t stopped growing!

In that case I feel it’s best to take BiWifeLife the direction I’m feeling pulled toward rather the direction I felt pushed toward during PRIDE month.

As a result I will be sharing my passions with you through these pages.

As a New York City resident I am surrounded by amazing and beautiful things I always think of sharing within these pages.

Hopefully you will enjoy a firsthand, raw look within New York City’s LGBT Community, Fashion & Beauty Scene & Travel and Eats locations as these are a part of my every day regular life.

We will continue working toward becoming an Established Community Resource within LGBT Communities across the country and supporting bisexual married women globally.

If you’d like to join BiWifeLife Staff just drop a line to with your interest in contributing to Our pages and we’ll go from there.

-Jay Dee, Founder

Brooklyn Pride 2014 | Serving our Brooklyn LGBTQ+ Family- PRIDE in Our Community

“Serving our Brooklyn LGBTQ+ Family”Brooklyn Pride 2014 | Serving our Brooklyn LGBTQ+ Family.

Have you ever attended a PRIDE celebration or gathering?

Have you and your spouse attended anything within the LGBT Community?

Last year my husband and I volunteered for the NYC PRIDE March.

We were astounded when on the morning of we were assigned to OPEN && LEAD THE ENTIRE PARADE!!!

We were right in the front behind The Governor, The Grand Marshalls and other celebs.

It was an amazing experience and HIS FIRST PRIDE.

We walked the march from the first block to the last leading hundreds of groups through NYC streets.

At the end of the march route we guided cars and pedestrians within the march to their respective exits to keep the end of the route orderly.

We assisted in disbursement of the crowd after.

Once The March was over we hung out in the streets (which is the best part) and met countless hot chicks 🙂

Most didn’t pan out into girlfriends, some we talked to for a while until they faded out.

In any case we had a ball that day. It’s something that bonded us, something we’ll remember, it’s a life long memory we created.

Being involved helps build confidence about ourselves.

This year we’re planning on volunteering again.

We’ll be going to check out Brooklyn PRIDE this weekend.

What will you do this PRIDE month?