The importance of the Bi+ community

Hey everyone,

It’s been roughly one year since I’ve posted.  I have enjoyed reading your posts and have collectively seen many of us are seeking a sense of belonging as it relates to our Bi identities.

Right now is a trying time for many of us as we watch LGBT and racial rights be legally challenged by the conservative right.  Witnessing people take a stand against dehumanization is empowering.  What’s also empowering is connecting with the Bi+ community.

I just wanted to point you all to a good book written by Jennifer Baumgardner entitled “Look Both Ways.”  Also, this may have been posted here before but check out or to locate Bi+ groups in your area.  Also, check out any of the following Bi+ organizations for details on annual conferences and events that are definitely worth traveling to if you can manage it.

  • BECAUSE CONFERENCE (Bisexual Organizing Project)
  • Bay Area Bisexual Network
  • Bialogue
  • BiNet USA
  • Bisexual Resource Center
  • New York Area Bisexual Network
  • Polysexual Alliance for Visibility, Educaiton and Support
  • Transcending Boundaries

As we enter this beautiful spring season, hopefully, you can take the time to appreciate all that spring has to offer: the quiet rain, colorful flowers, longer sunny days, being outdoors, fresh-cut grass, birds chirping, people watching, etc.  There is no better time than now to delve into our senses…from smelling to hearing to touching…it’s as though people are eager to start the new season off with zest after the long drawn out winter.  Just know that you are not alone in this and you can always reach out to us.

Thanks for being here virtually!


Mercedes Jet



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