New Year, New ______?

I think that’s what at the forefront of everyone’s minds the first couple weeks of January, what is this year going to be like?

This year is going be whatever you make it.


Life has it’s unexpected happenings but for whatever we aren’t in control of, we are in control of our own choices and decisions as well as how we react to the situations we encounter through the year.

I’m no peaceful guru. I go through stuff. I stress, although I work hard not to. This year I’m making an even more conscious effort to eliminate stress out of my life but how practical is that really?

I birthed 5 children who are all ages 15-22 at present. My two oldest are engaged, one just gave birth about 3 weeks ago, the other is due any day. They are not fully self sufficient. Each kid has their own set of young adult issues I have to deal with. My husband and I work our asses off to live in the Greatest City in the World but never seem to have time or expendable money for ourselves. The cost of living is astronomical here.

Add being a bisexual married woman to the equation things can be a bit overwhelming. When do I have time for me? For the things I want? Being an involved mother, a dedicated wife, a Community Advocate I’m always living in a world of selfless actions that leave me weary and worn out with no time or energy for myself.

Last month of 2016 I announced to my older children I’m cutting the umbilical cord and going back to focusing on myself, my marriage, our goals, minimizing my stress and being more accountable to myself for myself. They understand this is another phase of growing up and we are working very closely with them toward complete independence. Whew! That’s one huge stressor down…and we’ll be working the first few months of 2016 to ease out other stressors.

2016 is all about peace, prosperity, love, happiness and balance for us. Balance…

That’s what it’s all about. Balancing Our wants and desires with those of our loved ones, balancing Our career with home, work from play.

Our spouse and lover…or your desire for a lover.

Balance. That’s the theme for 2016. Balance. Life IS one big ole balancing act.

Happy New Year! Looking forward to spending 2016 with you all! 🙂 🙂

-Jay Dee, Founder


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