Aspirations for 2016!

So here we go again–the new year starts and we start thinking about what we plan to do differently this year (or start something we’ve been wanting to start for a while but just did not get around to it).  I have a huge notecard taped to the mirror that says “NOW OR NEVER”.  It’s been sitting there for a few months.  I look at it and think about ways I can love myself more and nourish my inner well.  With the hectic world we live in we tend to turn outward and wear ourselves out.  We do it so automatically without realizing it because that is how everybody/everything around us is doing it.  It’s “Go, Go,Go”.  Things seem to be getting faster and faster.  It’s scary.  WHen do we ever slow down and unplug? Constantly being plugged into our smartphone or tablets and feeling this need to respond or get one more thing done rather than listen to the inner parts of ourselves calling out for attention.  But even when one tries to be still, one becomes restless and essentially resists that stillness.

Try it right now, just stop and take a few deep breaths.  Is your mind racing? THis is normal.  Your mind will race a lot.

Keep breathing in and out.  This is one way to practice taking care of you in 2016.  Every moment that passes by you have the choice to just be still.  And when you do not remember or do not make the choice that is ok too.  Try not to let your inner critic get the better of you because you did not try to be still.

What are some other things you can try if breathing is not comforting for you?

Maybe you can stream some relaxing music and dance or take a hot bath or put a hot or cold washclothe over your face or breathe in your favorite scent for a few seconds.  Or maybe you can dance to your favorite song? Or take a  walk? Or work out? Or  color or write to your favorite tunes? Oh the list goes on.  Or pet your animals or give someone  a big hug.

Whatever you want to do that you find loving to you and lets you get lost in the moment for just a second.  The world is your oyster and there is always time to do something loving for yourself even if it is just for a few seconds.

Will you aspire to spend more time with yourself in 2016 and learn more about you?


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