Meet Other Living Bi Readers-In Real Time?

We’ve gotten a lot of suggestions via email and through comments.

I, myself and others have done research to provide this growing community with an option to communicate with each other in real time.

Unfortunately the best options I’ve found to date are monthly paid sites. I’ve also found a few free options but those options limit users. Paid options will allow for more users to communicate in real time.

Paid sites would require the implementation of a “Donate Here” button and it will be up to the readers, the commenters, the members of this site to power our new communication  platform.

It’s totally outside the boundaries of the Contributors personal budgets to fund paid services for Living Bi. We’ve rolled many ideas around and it’s just not something we can do financially without contributions from readers like you.

This is a site totally powered by the readers. Help us choose.

Vote or comment below to help us figure out the best option to fit this online communities needs.

Thanks for stopping Bi!

-Jay Dee, Founder

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