A BiWife on Prime Time TV!!!

Wow, that was amazingly refreshing.

Maybe I’m making too much of it but I don’t think so.

Tonight’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder, a Shonda Rhimes production, was the most accurate and beautiful portrayal of woman to woman love I’ve seen on prime time television in my history of being alive.

Now, in full disclosure I don’t watch much t.v, I’m always online reading or writing. What I do see when I watch t.v is not bisexual married women but varying LGBT perspectives that are usually gay men.

We all know bisexuality in women is more “acceptable” in main stream society as it is considered male entertainment BUT bisexual married women aren’t really talked about. Married women aren’t expected to be bisexual.

Must be straight or lesbian to be a married woman right?

In tonight’s episode Annalise (Viola Davis) who is the star of the show was revisited by her old college girlfriend Eve  (Famke Janssen). The woman she’d loved and been in a relationship with before meeting her husband.

Annalise decided to leave her girlfriend while they were still in college for the man that became her husband and never looked back, leaving her love behind without warning, or closure.

The pain of the way the relationship ended left scars on Eve that lasted 10 years, until they met again after Annalise’s husband died.

From the moment Eve and Annalise saw each other the writers created the “sense” that they were something more than friends. I spotted it right away, they’d had something serious in the past.

As the story unfolded the agony and bittersweet sweetness of their love showed through terse conversations before clarity came into focus as the minutes ticked by.

Eve was a lesbian, she dated many women after Annalise but could never let go of her college love in her heart. Annalise put Eve and her bisexuality to the back of her mind and moved forward with her life as if her love for women and bisexuality didn’t exist (as far as we know).

The moment they looked each other in the eyes during a private moment away from others there was no question their love was still alive and well, hibernating all these years.

They kissed each other and the passion of two women who loved each other for years poured through each scripted second. Both actresses so accurately conveyed the intensity and depth of love between two women in each intimate scene.

I was so impressed by the accuracy of the portrayal of what life is for so many bisexual women.

The subtle and overt points made were so accurate and astounding.

Kudos to the producers, writers and actresses who told Our story so clearly.

Did you see tonight’s episode? What did you think? How did you feel as you saw the two women indulge in their love for each other after so long?

I’d love to hear from others what you guys felt and thought.

-Jay Dee, Founder

A recap from AfterEllen.com with images from tonight’s show


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