Bisexuality Day

Three days ago, it was not only my 60th birthday, but it was Bisexuality Day as well and I thought it fitting that bisexuals all over the world got a day we could call our own and, yep, my birthday and a day which I celebrate my own bisexuality.

I got to thinking, however, that bisexuals should celebrate their sexuality each and every day and not just wait until my birthday and a 24-hour chance to express themselves.  If anything, this particular day gives one a chance to just sit and think about their sexuality, how it impacts their lives, how it affects their emotions, the way they think and, let’s not forget, the way they interact with their partner – boyfriend, spouse, significant other.

One of the things you’ll see me say a lot is that bisexuality just isn’t always about doing something about it – it’s a way to be, a way to think, and a way to see the world in a different way.  We should celebrate every single moment of our bisexual lives; we should cherish that which makes us all unique and, yeah, be proud of the fact that we can dare to be different and that despite what’s been buzzing around on the Internet these days, we do exist.

Did I mention that being bisexual is just too much fun?  I don’t know about a lot of other folks, but I live to be bisexual; I enjoy the delicious rush of freedom and liberation that comes with being bisexual; I celebrate Bisexuality Day every moment of every day and because it has to be celebrated in this fashion and not just on a single day.  When we celebrate, our minds should always be on the positives and never the negatives; we should always be sure of ourselves and our destiny and we should always be unafraid to be different from everyone else.

Yes, there are some downsides that have to be overcome – self-acceptance and acceptance by those closest to us… but these things can be overcome and you don’t even have to do it by yourself because there are folks like me and Jay Dee who are here to give you all the support we can and to remind you that you are never alone in this.

If that’s not cause to celebrate, I don’t know what is.  Do what I do:  Celebrate Bisexuality Day every day instead of just once a year!


KDaddy23, Contributing Author and wearer of other hats

2 thoughts on “Bisexuality Day

  1. Well said kdaddy23. Talking with my wife, I realized that for the first time, our sexual lifestyle is changing for the better since we both understand each other’s needs.

    Since I’ve discovered my feelings towards men, I have a lot of doors open for for both my wife and myself. Our lives have been enlivened. Thank you!

    1. I can attest to that! My husband and I’s private life was absolutely astonishingly amazing before he began exploring his sexuality. Through his exploration it’s become ten times as great. We’re free with each other fully. There’s no need to hold back, hide, keep quiet our feelings or thoughts. We can really be free with our fantasies, that’s the best part. 🙂 -Jay Dee, Founder


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