New Forum &/Or Chatroom

So, the community has clearly expressed a need for a chat room or forum on the site. I’m no techie (well maybe a little bit, 😉 ) but I’ve found some great forums and what I am finding is I cannot afford to support the site alone.

It costs money I just don’t have to add a quality chat space where 200+ people can connect in a Facebook-like community style at once.

My husband and I are on a tight budget, we’ll be grandparents twice over in a few months. I have two pregnant daughters-one due in Jan, the other in Feb. My daughter who is due in Jan is also marrying in Nov. Needless to say we have our fair share of expenses to add to our already tight budget.

This coming Sept I will be adding a PayPal donate button to source funding for all of HerBiLife & HisBiLife’s costs to upgrade into a community that’s functional for readers & members to connect in real-time.

There will NOT be any fees associated with visiting our blog, it will be your option to donate or not.

Donations are what will build the forum and chat space everyone here desires to connect with one another.

If you have reference for a free version of a forum or chat room that includes moderation to add to the side you can send links to and I’ll check them out. If I find that one works with our capacity (250 members plus able to chat at once) on a free level I will implement right away.

I know folks are eager to connect and so am I!

This will be a wonderful addition to Our site. I’m hoping to see the forum/chat room rolled out by the winter when readership is heaviest.

In the meantime, any post containing contact information will not be approved for publishing. In protection of our readers it is strongly discouraged to include personal information in a public post.

Just hold on everyone, I’m working on it…I’m working on it. 🙂

– Jay Dee, Founder



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