Politically Correct?

Every single day there’s a new LGBT terminology, a new politically correct way to address a fellow human, a proper way to approach a topic.

Last time I checked each human is an individual different from every single other human on this planet. Not even identical twins think and behave EXACTLY alike in all respects.

Through media and politics it seems we as residents of this country have lost our right to think and feel however we may wish.

Sure racism, homophobia, trans phobia and all of the many other unjust patterns of thought are harmful, painful and horrible but the fact is we can’t stop people from thinking and feeling however they do. Not everyone agrees with Our site I’m sure, but we’ll be here anyway 🙂

Whomever controls this country can attempt to inundate our population with the latest schools of thought but not everyone is required to buy in.

Some folks just won’t change until they leave this earth. Some folks are able to see varying points of view and adjust accordingly or even change perspectives. Not everyone can.

I have never, ever been one to be politically correct. Respectful, yes, politically correct, no. I wouldn’t be who I am if I was. I’m  outspoken, I think for myself, don’t have a problem speaking my opinion and I don’t take kindly to people telling me what I should think and how I should feel.

I’m sure our readers and other Administrators can agree being told what to think and how to feel is not the cloth we choose to be a part of, that’s why we’re here. To speak out on an area not many are speaking out on.

All of this being said, for the record HerBiLife & HisBiLife (Formerly BiWifeLife) will take a NEUTRAL stance on all controversial and political topics regarding & within the LGBT Community.

Many if not most of Our readers ARE NOT involved in the politics of the LBGT Community and I, as the Founder of this community, don’t feel it’s appropriate to get our readers caught up in controversy or conflict.

If you notice Bruce Jenner is not on this blog. Nor will I write about the topic. I would ask any other Administrator/Contributor to refrain from jumping on the band wagon with any other controversial LGBT topic discussion here.

I think for myself, as do you, as does every soul on this planet.

Sure, we can express our opinions and discuss hot topics but to get caught up in the frenzy of some hot political topic based around sexuality or gender identity is just not my style.

I’m a rogue of society and I’m fine being just that. Never will I follow the masses.

I can be respectful of other’s thoughts, feelings and perspectives but I will not be bullied by the court of public opinion or jeopardize our peaceful, budding community by opposing some school of thought people think I should follow or promote.

Much rather would just stay out of things…

That’s what works for me and I think that’s what’s best for Us here. Can’t please everyone you know?

How do you feel about LGBT politics?

-Jay Dee, Founder



3 thoughts on “Politically Correct?

  1. I don’t understand all the terminology out there. I just know that I am attracted to both women and men. I would not call myself pansexual. I am bisexual. It’s hard enough surviving that label. While I’m grateful for the people fighting for rights on the front lines, I am not that person.

    1. I totally hear you. I’ve been holding back that article for a while because I’ve been finding myself surrounded by LGBT politics here in NYC. I just really don’t think it would benefit our Community to be politically involved. The majority of Us aren’t involved in LGBT politics, we’re too busy trying to understand our lives!
      It can be hectic being married, bisexual, maybe a stay at home mom or dad, or a professional managing the feelings and situations surrounding our sexuality.
      I didn’t want to offend our supporters who are politically connected but I also don’t want Our Community to be jeopardized by the court of public opinion and find ourselves with no allies one day because of an expressed opinion.
      I know most of us just don’t want to be involved, so we won’t be to the best of Our ability 😀
      -Jay Dee, Founder

  2. I understand that the things lesbians and gays have been fighting for need a political element; the local and federal governments have to effect changes so that, as we say and hold so dearly to, all men (and women) are created equal even though we know that that’s never been the case. Bisexuals, well, we have our own issues but politics aren’t one of them – and I mean lobbying sexuality issues and not just having a “love” for politics. I’m not a political animal and I’m sure not politically correct so while I respect the rights of lesbians and gays to fight for their rights, making sexuality a wholly political issue – and assuming that, say, bisexuals have the same problems that other members of the Alphabet Gang have… or that we even care about those political issues; we have enough problems dealing with being bisexual as it is.


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