BiWifeLife is a safe and supportive space for bisexual married/partnered folks

I agree with you, Jay Dee.  I think part of the reason this forum has been so resourceful for other people is because we are truly here to HELP and provide SUPPORT.  There is enough stigma and complication happening in our world, let this forum serve as a SAFE place for people to come where they can be vulnerable and JUST BE.


An environment like the one we have here at BiWifeLife has to be protected and boundaries have to be maintained if we are to remain a SAFE and SUPPORTIVE environment that can allow for personal growth and fulfillment.  We cannot possibly remain this free public space if we open the forum up to romantic relations being publicly displayed.  I think that kind of interaction needs to be private—much like the dating websites set up now—they are specifically set up for people to date and privately communicate among one another.


Here, though, we offer a shared public space that needs to be moderated to maintain the rightful respect people deserve.


I think the other forums that JayDee is describing above (where the boundaries are crossed and a public forum is being used for dating purposes) can lead to a breakdown of the safe space we meticulously moderate and work hard to respect.  Such a dynamic can likely elicit fear from our readers which would go against the purpose for creating this site.


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