A Dating Forum? Here?

There are several reasons why I haven’t explored the idea of having a way to “hook up” or personally connect outside of the site here on BiWifeLife.

  1. It brings unwanted readers, comments and overall drama
  2. It can become a very raunchy place very quickly
  3. It can become overridden with spammers
  4. It can turn into primarily a dating space vs. supportive space
  5. I don’t want this space to be used in any way to enable or promote cheating on one’s spouse.

I’ve seen my fair share of posts saying they wish they could connect with someone near and I feel your pain.

I really do. Thing is, I’m not a developer, I’m not a wordpress guru either. I am one person hoping that this Fall I’ll have more hands on help to get us to a place where we can serve all the supportive needs of the community (including maybe a dating app/site/page/forum one day).

In all honesty it would be cool to have that within this space if it wasn’t for those who’ve tried before us and proven how hectic online hook up sites for bi women can get.

I don’t want us to get away from why we’re here. I’ve spent a lot of time working on the ground getting the word out about Us, not really writing much.

This Fall we plan to be online with great fresh articles much more frequently on topics related to Us and rolling out a new look and feel.

I’m rolling around ideas in my head but again, I’m no techie. This blog doesn’t receive donations and I can’t personally afford to invest in tech services for the blog.

We’ll get there one day I’m sure after we’ve well thought out solutions to combat known problems that haven’t allowed other online spaces where women meet to flourish.

For now I’m inviting EVERY ONE to comment below:  

Have you had luck meeting women and if so WHERE did you meet? 


Do you know of any legit online dating sites for Bi Women?

-Jay Dee, Founder


One thought on “A Dating Forum? Here?

  1. A couple of months ago, I answered an ad on Craigslist under the WFW category. I was just looking for someone to hang out with. We’ve been on two dates. The second one was very interesting. Let’s just say that I’m glad I had discussions with my husband beforehand, about what was acceptable.


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