What BiWife Life?

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted.
   Mainly because I didnt know what to post about. Honestly, my life hasn’t had any bi anything in it. 😦
   With the change of season in my Great city the abundance of gorgeous women is staggering.  I find myself innately and acutely aware of my sexuality. I’m mostly with my family and women obviously don’t presume my stare is one of desire or lust because I must be straight if I’m with my husband and kids.
   I’ve taken to wearing a small LGBT pride pin wherever I go BUT I presume people assume I’m supporting one of my obviously LGBT children.
   Even when I’m alone the ring on my left hand says I’m off limits  despite my LGBT pin strategically placed where EVERYONE can see it  and my obvious interest when looking or flirting with a female. (maybe I’m married to a woman? )
   I refuse to go without my wedding rings anywhere. Ever. I am married. Taken by a wonderful man. I am in love. With a wonderful man.
   The internet doesn’t work. After 3 years I’m so frustrated with that process I refuse to indulge at present. 
   Thing is, to be honest,  I’m a woman with needs. I find myself so sexually frustrated it’s almost painful #blueballs?
If my husband had a vagina and functional penis life would be perfect but he does not.
Lesbian porn bores me. Does nothing for me. What I crave is more than sex.
   I crave Her smile, Her smell, Her laugh, Her ‘mad’ face, Her taste. I miss Her txts, Her voice, the sight of Her walking toward me with love in her eyes.
   It drives me insane and the truth is sometimes I get so fed up with my own self  for having such a strong pull toward women despite being blessed with a wonderfully awesome husband.
  THIS is exactly why I started this blog.
   The challenges we face are so quietly tortuous.  We suffer silently most times in our own heads.
   There are those of us who have wonderful supportive husbands who encourage and love us as we struggle in this biwife life.
There are many who do not.
   It is PRIDE Month and through my BiWifeLife promotion efforts who knows I may come across Her.
I can only hope…

-Jay Dee, Founder


6 thoughts on “What BiWife Life?

  1. While your news is frustrating, it’s good to hear from you. I hear your frustration and can totally relate. The internet has been “meh” for me. I also refuse to go out with my wedding ring. I don’t want to be misleading to a monogamous person, and I certainly don’t want to date someone who’s not ok with my being married. I had this thought about just trying to make a friend who was bi and poly-ish and see where it goes from there. I have my own post to write about that. But keep your chin up, love!

  2. Hello, maybe it’s time to do more than wear the badge of honor.. perhaps frequent a few lounges, bars here and there until you’ve found “the one”?

    1. It’s funny that people tend to think that bisexuals are always out there doing their dirt when, in reality, it’s never that easy and that we can spend more time “not being bisexual” than anything else. It’s frustrating and the more you try to not be frustrated, the more frustrated you can get…

      1. Very true. A lot of my female friends (late 20’s-early 30’s) struggle finding someone they’re confident with. And someone more importantly, someone they can trust and be discreet with.

    2. The only problem with that suggestion is my husband isn’t too keen on the idea of his wife going out to clubs/bars or lounges in NYC by herself. Believe me I tried, lol. He’s a bit old school amd so am I. I would feel funny being all dolled up on the town without him-I have no bi friends. When we go out together it’s like we’re old pervs looking for a unicorn. Even though I appear 26/27ish I’m 35 and feeling a bit older. Every marriage is different and although hubby is supportive we do have a very traditional marriage….kinda, lol.

      1. Then why wouldn’t he join you on this quest? Gets you both out feeling young again, and he can even spectate from a safe distance. I think it’s something worth considering. I am 30, been in a 3 year relationship. My gf had moments of curiosity, and it made us both feel secure when I was around while she went out. Not to “test the waters” so to speak, but like you said. To seek out a different adventure within the confines *boundaries we set for our relationship. It worked out well.


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