‘Sodomite Suppression Act’

What do you guys think about this proposed law?

Do you think it has anything to do with us as BiWives?

Lawyer In California Proposes Killing Gays With ‘Sodomite Suppression Act’.


-Jay Dee, Founder


2 thoughts on “‘Sodomite Suppression Act’

  1. This is ridiculous! I agree with the first commenter. I can’t believe someone is so bored with their life that they have to interfere in other people’s!!

  2. Really… Here in my home state, there’s a law on the book against sodomy, be it boy/boy or boy/girl or even girl/girl; you get to go to jail if busted for it but, some time ago, the law was considered unenforceable (as is the no-oral-sex law) because, um, it can only be enforced if you get caught or, in rare instances, charged with rape and even when that’s happened, they usually drop the sodomy charge (a misdemeanor) in favor of the more serious charges.

    California has enough anti-gay sentiment that this guy, who is spouting all the religious stuff against anal sex, could get the required signatures to make this thing a law but here’s the thing: How are the cops gonna be able to bust someone for this without invading the privacy of the citizens since if there’s some butt play going on, it’s behind closed doors? Then, the punishment is right out of the Old Testament – death – and in a time where the death sentence is being repealed or being reviewed again all over the country so there’s going to be some fussing in the state legislature about this.

    It can be seen as anti-gay sentiment which, in some places, is a hate crime all by itself (and could be seen as a federal crime, too) because it targets anyone who engages in same-sex butt play but, again, unless the cops catch “Tom” and “Glen” in the act of sodomizing each other, the law could be construed to mean that if you’re gay, you must be having anal sex, so you’re going to be executed – and this is scary because it is possible that someone could be tagged for execution just because the sodomy is being assumed but not factually proven.

    I’m no lawyer but this is some scary stuff even though it’s an example of how the system works. The author says sodomy is a crime against nature only because the bible says it is… and that’s because you can’t make babies when “Tom” and “Glen” are doin’ da butt. Hopefully, the supreme court in California will see this as unconstitutional and unenforceable and toss it in the trash where it belongs. And even if it passes into law, does anyone think or believe that sodomy is just gonna stop in same-sex situation? You can get a life sentence for rape, incest, and a few other sex-related crimes… but these things haven’t stopped happening even though if ya got busted and convicted, you could get, say, five life sentences plus one hundred years.

    This “act” won’t stop sodomy despite the excessive penalty it seeks to impose…


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