We’re now at the moment where I invite anyone who has questions about being with a bi wife to step right up and ask them and I’ll do my best to answer them.  If you don’t want to ask them publicly, then you can email me at khaan23@hotmail.com and I will reply and, again, do my best to answer any questions…

KDaddy23, Contributing Author

2 thoughts on “Q&A

    1. Her emotions, mostly, then there’s always this nagging thought when we make love that wonders if it’s me she really wants at that moment or if another woman would better fit the bill. The bigger thing is me continuing to keep my own emotions in check to make sure things like insecurity don’t come back from their banishment and give me grief.

      For instance, she might get bummed out, I’ll notice it and ask what’s going on, and she’ll tell me she’s craving something tha she can’t immediately get her hands on and after having heard variations of this, I know what she’s craving – and she is free to get it, by the way, but it’s hard interacting with her when she’s frustrated and needing the touch of another woman – I’ve seen her be miffed for days before things get settled.

      But having seen this in my first marriage, handling these things are much easier than before except this wife is bold enough to go get hers without much prodding from me.

      My current wife is very comfortable with her sexuality although I’m tickled that she more interested in mine than her own!


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