Build or Buy Pallets?

Lumber – Fencing, Lattice, Plywood, Molding & More at The Home Depot.

So, after much looking around Home Depot seems to have the best prices for lumber.

With not much money at all we can build our own pallets and create the pieces we want from there.

It’s cheaper than buying already made pallets.

Wood pallets are trending right now in the home decor eco world of upcycling/reclaiming/recycling/reusing.

Home Depot has pretty high prices for pallets sold in quarters and halves.

Four or 6 pallets needed for a project would cost almost the same amount as buying the bed already made! -_-

ULine on the other hand has reasonable prices at $26 per pallet with a min order of 5.

Which may also be an option.

At just about $150 we can build the bed we want no problemo if we order from ULine 🙂 

We’re not going to use a plywood sheet to cover the pallet boards/slats. We’ll keep the raw/authentic look & save a few bucks at the same time.

Well, now that we’re able to narrow down what kind of wood to use, where to get it from and how much it will run us we can begin to plan when we’ll be able to buy the wood and rent a van to get everything home.

We were so going straight to the grocery store just 3 blocks away for discarded pallets before reading that article!

I’d rather spend a few dollars and invest a little energy into getting pallets to ensure our health as we sleep than to go with free and convenient.

Needless to say we won’t be making any new furniture this weekend…but we’ll keep you posted on which option we choose.

Build pallets or buy pallets….

-Jay Dee, Founder


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