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Well, Spring is almost upon us and we’re redecorating our living room/bedroom/design studio.

We’re not wealthy so we can’t do all the upscale stuff our minds wish for…but we are wealthy with creativity.

With that creative wealth we’ve been looking at alternative ways to make this cramped little apartment into a sanctuary that can give us the space we need to live healthy.

Here’s what we need:

  • Work out/dance area
  • Comfortable sleeping area with privacy.
  • ‘Living room’ space for when the kids visit.
  • A functional writing area.
  • Our dog Nina needs a place to sleep as does our cat Simone.
  • We need to store our clothing and shoes.
  • A small vanity area would be nice 🙂

Below is one of the creative ideas we’re considering going with. A reclaimed door headboard:

Door Headboard

Here’s the problem. Our apartment really is tiny. We nicknamed it ‘The Closet’ because it feels like one. Even when we didn’t have furniture moved in yet, lol.

The space we have to work with is enough for a standard queen bedroom set with t.v/entertainment stand bedroom set up.

Soooooo, how to take one room and make it into all of our needs?

Ha! That’s the million dollar question.

We’re creatively figuring it out at the same time as working hard to keep it crazy cheap and chic.

I’ll be sharing some of the things we come across right here with you guys and maybe even ask for your vote if we come up on something we can’t agree on 🙂

-Jay Dee, Founder




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