Make a Sliding Door for Under $40-Apartment Therapy Tutorial

DIY Home Decor: How To Make a Sliding Door for Under $40 — Apartment Therapy Tutorial | Apartment Therapy.

Oh, the options!

Here’s the main 3 we’ve come across. Click the links for images and ideas. 🙂

  • Curtains only offer visual privacy not privacy from conversations or sex.
  • Oriental room dividers are great if we can find a thicker one but tall ones are hard to find. Haven’t found any floor to ceiling ones as of yet. (Great idea to put on wheels and make into something like sliding doors if mounted to each wall and drawn together in the middle of the room if we could! 🙂 Doesn’t do much for sound privacy.)
  • Sliding Doors Which may be the best solution for privacy.

This tutorial includes options which would allow us to mount the door wall to wall vs using the ceiling.

This is what the tracks look like for a double sliding door idea. Pretty simple DIY if you can find the components.

sliding double door mount

(photo credit:

A huge contributing factor in which decision to make is our ceiling is not as sturdy as we’d like. Finding doors floor to ceiling height may be difficult .

We also rent not own so making major changes to the apartment aren’t in our best interest.

We’re working on finding a solution to dividing the room with privacy in mind while not causing damage to the ceiling or creating something that’s note easily removable.

We’ll keep you posted on what we decide to do!

-Jay Dee, Founder




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