Toning & Training…Time for Spring!

With Spring on the way it’s time to get toned up and fit again for all those outdoor activities!

I was on a weight loss journey  for 4 years to loose my stomach naturally without exercise through diet.

I achieved that goal summer 2014 finally.

I’m in the last year of my full body makeover which is going back to my original weight, minus the tummy.

I loved my shape, hated my stomach.

Here’s a before pic of me in 2009. Note: It was like 90 degrees that day but I  had to wear a long shirt and belt to cover my tummy. I was hot as hell that day!

me fat lookin like really

Now I’m working on my weight gain and it’s the most crucial time.

Natural body sculpting.

Time to tone those exposed abs and whip this body back into that thick tight shape my husband fell in love with. Being bottom heavy I prided myself in a tight dancer’s form everywhere. I still have remnants of my cuts and that’s the foundation I’ll be building on.

Sculpted legs (The 7 Best Leg Exercises | Women’s Health Magazine.), thighs, back, waist, abs and arms are the goal. Yes, sculpted everything!

flat tummy wish

I’m taking maca root for weight gain, adding protein shakes next month. Working out will be a big part of my life from here on through the summer or my whole plan can fall apart!

I’ll be doing the majority of my working out without a gym membership.

While working on creative ways to get toned before the summer months in my cramped NYC (super tiny) apartment I’ll share some of the things I find along the way. I’ve got lots to work on so there may be a lot of fitness content in the near future, lol.

I’m a body buff and I pride myself on being a super sexy fit thick chick that birthed 5 children without a telltale sign.

Trust me you’d never, ever know it just looking at me and for that all the pain of working out is worth it. Love the burn baby! 😀

Here’s an ‘after’ pic from my 35th birthday this past summer 2014 at my target goal of size 5 for that summer.

what35lookslike1 what35lookslike


Now I’m working on being a size 10 again by this summer. With the size 4 tummy!

Here’s a portfolio shot I took summer 2009 the first year of my weight loss journey.

Oh how awesome I’d look without the tummy at that size!
6206809022_wht window 5

Countdown to Spring 2015 and the brand new me I’ve been working on for what will be 5 years this August 🙂

Hopefully by my birthday in August I’ll look exactly the way I’ve envisioned.

So far so very good!

If not this summer there’s always next summer to be my target size. No foul in my own head.

Slow and steady wins the race. 🙂

-Jay Dee, Founder

One thought on “Toning & Training…Time for Spring!

  1. I love it!!! That’s a great goal, and you’re right, slow and steady wins the race. When I started working out, I was just trying to meet the goal of completing a half marathon. But now I am loving all aspects of working out/ getting fit. I can’t wait to try this leg workout Wednesday, and add it to my leg day routine.


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