Emotional Eating

Oh yea, I went there.

Yes I did.

I’m an admitted emotional eater.

I was unfortunate enough to be born a sensitive soul despite my so called ‘tough’ exterior. I don’t see how it’s tough if I’m clearly expressing my vulnerabilities and emotions…just sayin.

In any case, when my sometimes insensitive of a male species husband does something he ‘doesn’t realize’ is hurtful and I feel like breaking down into tears like a wounded little girl I instead I suck it up…and whatever I can find in the kitchen along with it.

Yea, I do that.

Right now I”m eating two slices of super soft and thick Fiber One 100% whole wheat bread with low sodium/low cholesterol butter. Yummy. Have a salad coming together in the back of my mind as I chew 🙂

Top that off with some diluted pineapple juice and life is good 🙂

Healthy, and good.

Nourishing and good. 

My natural taste was always toward greens, fruits, nuts, etc. I had a thing for carribean food and japanese food but that was about it. Oh, and pizza! Pizza and bagels were like the most fattening things in my diet through life. (Hey, don’t judge me, I’m a NY’ker).

My ‘fat girl’ pictures are proof my my weight gain journey gone wrong. For two years I ate all the unhealthy stuff I’d never look twice at normally. I ate in excess, all the time to gain that weight.

I was tired of being the skinny girl.

What I began to learn was I didn’t gain weight because my idea of a snack was a spinach pie most of my life, lol!  I wanted to be thick! I wanted to be the epitome of black woman, coca cola bottle body you know? I’d eat through the days and into the nights over those 2 years and the pounds slowly came upon me.

Oh, I got thick alright.

Thick around the middle along with everywhere else!

My body was so perfect to me at that time. I loved every pound…except that horrid stomach! Oh, it tortured me so much. I tried to find any way to get it off and still keep my weight every where else. The only option was surgery, which wasn’t an option at that time.

I had to go on a diet and loose it all because there was no way to ‘spot loose’ weight.

I didn’t know how blessed I was to naturally have a taste for healthy foods. I didn’t learn about nutrition until my late 20’s.

After I’d gotten fat by accident. -_-

At the beginning of my health care curriculum I began to learn about anatomy and physiology. Then we came to the part about diet and how the body processed as well as utilized food and liquid. How each food/liquid carried vitamins, minerals or nutrients the body needed and put them where they belonged.

It was so enlightening. I went back to my normal eating minus all the extra commercialized madness out there I’d been indulging in and the weight came off pretty easily over the years without working out.

I got stuck at a size 8 for a couple years and had to work hard for that size 4.

Now I’m balanced at a size 4/5 over the past year. I’ve always been an emotional eater. I just learned how to eat differently.

I still emo eat, I just emo eat ONLY healthy stuff. True I eat A LOT more than I would if it were all unhealthy stuff but it’s healthy stuff!

healthy me20140225_223948

I’m working hard to gain weight properly and being an emotional eater could ruin my whole plan.

The moral of the story is if you’re going to be an emotional eater, feed thyself with healthy nutritious food which will only empower, strengthen and heal that emotional body of yours. 

It works to your benefit. Snack out on salads, health bars, fruits, nuts, raw veggies, whole wheat pasta or bread if you’re really feeling it and need something heavy. Try no sugar added frozen yogurt or sorbet vs. ice cream.

There’s lots of comfy, healthy alternatives to the comfort foods we’ve grown to love, that don’t love us or our bodies. 

With love for your body,

-Jay Dee, Founder 🙂


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