NYFW Feb 2015

With well over 38 tickets in hand I have yet to attend ONE single Fashion Show.

There are a few factors that have left this section a bit empty and for those who really love fashion as I do.

#1 I have an autoimmune disorder that is very, very painful in several weather conditions (Lupus). Cold, transitioning weather, snow or rain hurt the inside of my bones very badly. It’s hard for me to walk during those weather conditions which makes reporting events during winter months very hard. I try my best but we’ve had a brutal winter and it’s been almost impossible to get out to shows.

#2 I fractured my toe as you all know and trying to wear heels to shows in the snow, freezing temps, etc is near impossible as well. -_-

I’ve tried my hardest to get out to shows during Fashion Week this month but Feb was full of brutal, brutal snowstorms, freezing rain showers and subzero temps. I just couldn’t.

I’ve literally fully dressed and departed for events and have had to turn around. One time with my husband (who is a disabled veteran) struggling to support me home because I literally couldn’t walk from the pain in my legs (where most of my pain is). His shoulders and neck are extensively damaged from service duties. Carrying me wasn’t possible…

Spring can be kind of tough as well due to the fluctuation in temps and the moisture in the air but I’m praying March will be kinder to my city weather wise and I’ll get out and about more.

I’m suffering from not only pain but cabin fever as well!

I’ve watched runway shows online and will probably share them with you here in lieu of actual front row coverage.

In the meantime no fears. I have tickets, blogger front row seats, to some of the hottest shows to come to NYC in the coming months.

This section should be the most filled besides ‘All Posts’ given my extreme love for Fashion. -_-

I pray God is merciful and I don’t have to miss anymore shows.

-Jay Dee, Founder



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