“Bi, Hung, Fit… and Married” is coming to New York City!

“Bi, Hung, Fit…and Married” is a play by Mark Cohen that tours around North America.  Please visit this website for more information on tour dates (http://www.bihungfit.ca).  His play is really entertaining and informative.  You can also check out youtube for a free trailer of his play at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJcgG9sAIf4

Also, check out Mark’s website to learn more about his story, as well as for resources and workshops on being married and bisexual.  His website is: http://www.markbentleycohen.com/bi-hung-fit-and-married-the-fringe-show/.

He also wrote a book entitled “Confessions of a Bisexual Husband” that is a good read.  Mark is a pioneer and therapist in the Bisexual Community and much can be learned from his leading example.

I’ve seen him perform this play at LGBTQQIA etc. conferences and I am very so grateful for his honesty and courage to give a voice for so many of us.

Happy viewing:)

-Mercedes Jet, Contributing Author



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