NY F/W Fashion Week February 12-19 2015

Well, another Fashion Week is upon us. As you can see the Fashion section is lacking heavily.

I fractured my toe just days before Fashion Week this past Sept.

February 12th in NYC Fall/Winter Fashion week kicks off in my city.

Click Here for Live Fashion Week Footage from around the world.

When I created this section I’d just completed working with someone who sent me on assignments, front line, during Fashion Week and gave me the experience of a lifetime. I knew then and there I wanted to be a Fashion Writer or Blogger.

With so much else happening in life, without the right connections or the right money I couldn’t find my way into these events without her. I am grateful for the experience. What I did learn was that from my life’s work in music I can mix and mingle anywhere.

I can meet people easily and my passion for fashion is as deep as the music’s beat is to my soul. I can make my own connections rather easily and secure events to cover on my own using my natural passion for fashion.

I’ve booked as many Fashion Week events as I can and pray I can make it through them all.

My toe fracture didn’t heal well and walking in heels is near impossible, but I make it happen as gracefully as possible. With my husband being a freelance Fashion Designer every event we attend I am his living model, a representation of him, usually in clad one of his classy creations.

He designs formal women’s evening wear primarily. Heels are necessary.

For you, the readers, for the love of Fashion I will suffer in my heels through whatever event I must to bring you the hottest, most current, most trending, most unique coverage I can during Fashion Week.

Here’s a link for all my FASHION LOVERS. Watch Fashion Week ALL OVER THE WORLD LIVE!!!:)

So far we’re scheduled for several events back to back. This section should be full of great content and images for you all to enjoy.

NEW YORK’S FASHION WEEK is here and I’m sooooooo excited! 🙂

-Jay Dee, Founder




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