BiWifeLife Volunteer Opportunities

With only months left to PRIDE I ask myself this constant question even more than usual:

What is it I want to do with BiWifeLife and how am I going to do it?

I know what I want to do, I think I know how to go about doing it, and I’m doing it.

I’m not doing it alone.

There are awesome women such as KT and Meredith Lee who are awesome contributors to this blog.

We are all busy and all work hard to find the time to fit BiWifeLife into our lives.

It’s another compartment in our lives we’ve got to find a time slot for.

It’s not easy. There’s so much to be done and we’re all so busy.

I’d like to urge every single one of Our readers who are interested in helping BiWifeLife in any way move forward, to come forward.

I don’t mind being a solid reference for anyone who does anything to contribute to this online community.

With that being said, it’s a New Year. I’d like to move in another direction.

I am looking for creative, thoughtful, edgy and raw contributing authors to join our team of awesome BiWife Writers. All of us have hectic lives and can BARELY find time to write…but we do. We all take a minute here and there to spill our thoughts and feelings into an article and get it out there to share with others. We have a wide range of article topics here, and I LOVE it. I love diversity in perspectives. Come on, share your BiWife perspective with Us!

If you have an eye for the latest in beauty & fashion, a passion for fitness and health, if you travel a lot we’d love to have you as a contributor. You can submit reviews, photos, thoughts, videos, etc. Anything you think the community might like to see. 🙂 Choose to contribute to one or all categories!

Techies, you can pad your portfolio right here! 🙂 I’m open to new ideas and concepts regarding internet presence and appearance.

Tell your story. Do you have an interesting BiJourney and you’d like to share it with us? Send it in. We’ll send you an email to confirm we’d like to publish it and we’ll send you a link when it’s up. Photos are encouraged but not necessary.

Think about it, see if it’s right for you and drop a line to to ask any questions you may have.

Thanks for the support this far BiWifeLife Community. I thought this was just going to be a place I vented about the struggles of being married and bisexual.

It was you, the readers and commenters who really made this a place to call home. A home for me and for so many others who haven’t gotten the courage to post yet, who haven’t commented yet, who are still reading archive articles, who are showing this site to their husbands, who are struggling with questions and need a place to turn.

Thank you.

You guys are awesome! I do home some of you will join Us in growing this community.

-Jay Dee, Founder


7 thoughts on “BiWifeLife Volunteer Opportunities

      1. Well, I do know a lot about being bi and married and married to bi women… and I don’t have a problem writing about those things and interactions…

      2. And that’s exactly what we need here. A male perspective on being married to bisexual women and living that BiWife Husband life. Do you want that section? It’s yours just say “yes”! 🙂

      3. Ur on. Email me your bio and a pic of you (other than ur blog photo/bio if that’s possible). I’ll introduce you as our new Contributing Author and add you to Our ‘Staff’ page.
        Then send in 5 articles (one a day, spread out or even all at once! lol). As each is published I’ll send u the link. Then I’ll invite you to admin and you’ll post without me. 🙂 Whaddya say?
        -Jay Dee

      4. Okie-dokie! I’ll send the email with bio and pic tomorrow and will get to writing – is getting them emailed to you in Word okay?


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