Tips for Telling New Friends You’re A BiWife

Hey BiWifeLifers

A reader asked a VERY good question.

How does she approach telling a new friend she’s a biwife?

The reader was concerned about her being judged by this person she was getting rather close with.

This a situation I’m sure we’ve ALL encountered at some point or another when getting close to a new friend we feel we want to really talk to and be free with.

Here’s a few things I’ve done in the past that have worked for me:

  1. Being bluntly honest. I’ve said something like, “Hey, I’m not telling you this because I’m attracted to you (by this time they’ve figured out the next words, lol) but I am bisexual. Does that make you uncomfortable?” a thousand and one times in my life.
  2. I’ve asked my new friends their views on the LGBT lifestyle to find out how they felt about homosexuality overall then taken my course of action from there.
  3. I’ve asked my new found friend early in the friendship “Hey, what’s your sexuality? Are you straight, bi?” If they dodge the question by pointing out they are married I always point out that’s not a defining factor in one’s sexuality. Most people answer honestly.
  4. You can always bring your new friend here to BiWifeLife, show them around, do some reading together (which wasn’t an option for me, lol but now it is for you!) and ask them what they think of being bisexual and married. Continue on appropriately from there.

At some point in time my friend and I will find ourselves out and about and a pretty woman will cross our paths. At that point my natural instincts come out and I will naturally look at the woman with obvious interest. Although I may try to hide it usually I’m unsuccessful.

In my case I have to tell a potential new friend almost immediately.I live in a huge city with many people and it’s very hard to keep my true nature hidden.There are plenty of gorgeous men and women in the city of New York.If I go out with a friend he or she will find out quickly, there’s nothing I can do about it.I’m bisexual and see the beauty in both genders.

My new potential friend should understand this about me and be able to deal with it, or the potential for a friendship isn’t potential at all.

Can you share with us how you deal with this situation?

Your input would be awesome!

-Jay Dee, Founder.



One thought on “Tips for Telling New Friends You’re A BiWife

  1. Obviously, I’m not a biwife but as a bi guy, yep, we have that same problem and I’ve always dealt with it like this: If it comes up, fine, and if it doesn’t, that works as well. If it doesn’t come up right away, perhaps it’ll come up later after we’ve gotten to know each other in greater detail and then it’ll get dealt with and whatever happens, happens, because you just can’t do anything about someone who finds they can’t deal with their friend being bisexual and, yep, most of the time, they’re really worried about whether or not you’re gonna ask them for sex even though you wouldn’t dream of doing them… or maybe you would dream of it but you wouldn’t want to risk the potential friendship in such a manner.

    “Don’t ask, don’t tell” might sound like taking the easy way out but, yeah, it does make sense because you aren’t required or demanded to come out to everyone you might befriend UNLESS it becomes necessary to do so. Yes, being open and honest is a good thing but it can be a very bad thing as well – and anyone who has ever lost a friend in this manner knows exactly what I’m talking about. Hey, some people just can’t handle the truth, can they? No, I ain’t saying that lying to them about your sexuality is the way to go but until you can determine whether or not they can handle the truth about you, sometimes it’s best not to say anything about it until you know it’s safe to do so AND that they can handle the truth because sometimes it’s for your own protection as well as theirs.


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