My Husband is Against My Bisexuality…

So, you’ve done it.

You’ve come out. Your husband isn’t with the whole bi thing and so what.

You’ve decided to be true to yourself…and your heart.

You move forward with your bi crush or love interest.

It’s as great as you imagined.

Hubby decides he’s filing for divorce, you’re cool with that, you’re happy now.

Your lover is awesome, you two decide to become serious or move in with each other.

During the transition the kids start exhibiting behavioral issues, the divorce wasn’t pretty, some friends stuck it out, others thought you threw your life away and stopped talking to you.

So what, they weren’t real friends and the kids will adjust once they realize this is their TRUE mommy.

Your parents are disappointed in your recent choices and are concerned about the kids.

You stop attending your family church because things are just too different now.

Folks at your job are adjusting to your new lifestyle okay but you get a few stares and hear whispers around the water cooler.

Through all of this your relationship holds steady but the allure starts to wear off. Your new relationship is getting old quick under all the pressure of so many changes.

You begin to realize how much easier things were in your life when you were married.

You miss the way things used to be when you were at home with your husband and the kids.

You begin to doubt  your choices and this entire process…but it’s too late to turn back.

Your husband is gone.

Your kids aren’t too friendly right about now.

Things are weird at work.

Your friends are gone, your new ‘friends’ don’t know you well enough for you to really be comfortable with them.

The stress and strain is putting a lot on you and your new lover.

This is a hypothetical situation that could possibly be reality for those who are considering coming out and breaking free from the chains of the oppression of a marriage that doesn’t allow bisexuality.

The reason I wrote this article is because many of us think the grass is greener on the other side of town.

Sometimes that’s just not true.

Our new yard could have brown grass with patches that refuse to grow.

I’ve personally jumped out of the frying pan straight into the fire…and jumped right back in the pan, grateful for it’s comfort.

Now, I always think deeply and reflect even more so before I act on anything that may be life changing.

-Jay Dee



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