Expressing Your BiSelf

How do you put your bisexuality on display?

There are endless ways to create a safe bisexual space that feels good to you in a world where you may feel pressured to hide your bisexuality.  Engaging in a bisexual display provides a sense of authenticity in one’s bisexuality.  Bisexuality is enlivened by writing stories, poetry, or painting or other creative forms of expression involving different kinds of love, sensual feelings, fantasies, or reading erotic stories.  (Hartman-Linck 2014).

Expressing attractions and discussing fantasies with your partner(s) is another way to safely express your bisexual desires.

We connect with ourselves by creating a space within our home like perhaps covering the walls with pictures of people we find attractive, having a library of queer books, displaying pride symbols or flags, reading or having queer newsletters or magazines out on the table for display in our living room, having refrigerator magnets of Bi Pride, hanging the flag in our yards are all ways people have bisexual markers that serve as a daily reminder of being proud of our bisexuality.

For people who have a family, they can introduce their children to queer role models to combat negative stereotypes associated with a homophobic heteronormative society.  (Hartman-Linck, 2014, pp. 178-179).

There are many ways to engage in bisexual display.

What do you do?

Please share below!

-Mercedes Jet, Contributing Author



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