7 Rules for Looking Cute when It’s Cold

We’ve all heard the sayings:

“If you go outside with wet hair…” or “If you don’t cover your chest…” or “If you don’t put something on your legs…” the next words are usually something to the effect of “You’ll catch a cold!” , “You’ll catch a flu!” or “You’ll catch your death!”

Well, I’ve always been a rebel and have done each of those forbidden winter fashion thingies up there.

I did get the flu one year and pneumonia another. -_-

photo credit: hercampus.com
photo credit:designmom.com

I’ve learned how to look cute when it’s really cold, figured I’d share a few tips with you.

  • When shopping for a winter coat don’t just go for style, go for WARMTH. Choose a thicker fabric, insulated with thermal fabric, fur, cotton or goose down. There are even technologically engineered fabrics that are thin but warm such as Uniqlo gear.
  • Do your research and don’t buy just because it’s cute or trending. You’ll so regret it one really cold night! Remember, bring a trusted friend shopping always to keep you in line.
  • When buying boots for the winter always buy ONE HALF OR FULL SIZE larger to allow for thick footed leggings AND thermal socks :). Sexy shoes or boots are a blow when your feet are freezing!
  • When buying sweaters don’t go for price, go for quality. A good quality sweater that cost a a bit more money just might make it so you can wear your cute little leather on a not too cold day this winter. A cheaper priced lower quality sweater may require layers under your coat on a really cold day!
  • Don’t forget under garments! Not talking bra and panties. If you’re not a thermal set type of gal invest in insulated tights (they come in a ton of fabrics, patterns and prints) and lots of tight tees or tank tops to keep you warm under your clothes.
  • Keep in mind those thick tights can be worn under jeans to give a curvier appearance in all the right places 😉
  • Don’t forget a cute hat, scarf & glove sets. I think these are just the icing on the cake as far as winter fashion goes.
  • Remember only buy knitted items if they are lined or insulated. Never buy unlined knit outerwear for really cold weather. It’s nothing but a bunch of pretty interwoven holes if you look at it! How’s that keep you warm with nothing backing it?
  • Don’t be afraid to layer up! It’s okay. 🙂 It’s okay to wear vests, blazers, etc to add one more layer of warmth under your outerwear and make your outfit pop!
  • Have fun shopping!!!

Hope something in here helps you stay cute in the cold 🙂

-Jay Dee, Founder


One thought on “7 Rules for Looking Cute when It’s Cold

  1. I love the huge scarf in the photo! And it has pockets! ❤ I've been all about the boots this year. I go for cute and functional, adding both some L.L.Bean "Bean Boots" (I live in Maine, so it was about time) and some taller waterproof and insulated riding boots to my collection this year.

    I've been trying to play with hats this year as well, but mostly just around the house if I don't feel like washing my hair 🙂 My hair can be challenging to put in a hat and still look cute, but that's what experimenting with clothes is for!


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