Michael Sam’s Story, Social Perception & Sexuality

On Oprah Winfrey Network Television (OWN Network) tonight was the premier of the Michael Sam story.

Here’s a Link to the Preview

I watched and experienced so many raw emotions through the entire documentary showing and the post documentary interview.

I also saw before my eyes confirmation of all of my LGBT societal perception thoughts.

Sexuality and societal perception can make or break a life.

The media can make or break a life.

The choices we make, the people we involve in those choices can make or break our lives.

It was such a very real, raw cycle of ups and downs watching his story play out.

I literally cried along with him.

As a pioneer within this sexual revolution by simply just being very outspoken bisexual married woman I totally identify with some of the struggles he faced in dealing with society’s judgement and perceptions.

One of the biggest questions through the entire story was “Did coming out hurt his career?” We all know the answer is “Yes.”

The answer is not yes because he came out alone but because of when he came out and who he came out to. 

He came out to the entire world just at the pinnacle of realizing his career potential.

The world wasn’t ready for his revelation.

No NFL team was ready to deal with the media attention of having the first openly gay football player on their team.

The world is not that open minded yet despite what may be ‘politically correct’ to say in public.

The world isn’t ready to deal with married bisexual women or men.

‘They’ are still adjusting to gay and lesbian men and women.

The fact there are married and bisexual people is too much for some to deal with.

The fact Michael Sam is a gay man and a football player is too much for some to deal with.


Truth is ‘They ‘can’t deal with anything that doesn’t fit into the societal norms & traditional ideals laid out for us by ‘them’.

Because ‘they’ can’t identify with our lifestyles it is taboo for our lifestyles to be public or even visible.

Who is ‘Them’ & who is ‘They’?

Why is it ‘They’ have so much power and control over our lives whether we allow them to or not, whether we go against the grain or not?

It seems ‘They’ Rule the world and we just live in it.

Why is there even an ‘Us’ and ‘Them’ thing?

Aren’t we all humans?

Why does it matter what I do with my private parts?

So many questions on societal perceptions and influence were answered and arisen with this film.

It’s pioneers like Michael Sam that inspire me.

It’s women like Oprah with the courage to address these issues publicly that motivate me.

Keep on Michael Sam, the world will one day see you are an AWESOME football player.

Your sexuality shouldn’t matter when it comes to the game.

-Jay Dee, Founder

One thought on “Michael Sam’s Story, Social Perception & Sexuality

  1. People seem to think that a man couldn’t be gay and play one of the most physical game on the planet. No one seems to think it’s odd that a lot of the female tennis players in the world are either gay or bisexual and that they’ve been known to get jiggy with each other. There are actually people who believe that in sports, same-sex attractions – emotional or physical – isn’t supposed to happen… which doesn’t change the fact that it does and always has happened.

    The moment Michael came out to the world and was on his way to the NFL, his career was pretty much doomed and the media hype was, in my opinion, mainly responsible for him not getting on the Rams’ roster – I saw him play in the pre-season and he played his position very well and good enough to earn him a spot… but the media attention and distraction got him cut – even though I believe he’s on the Dallas Cowboys’ practice team now but, still, what everyone should have been focused on was his ability to play the game and not his personal life so much.

    There have been quite a few NFL players who have come out as gay or bisexual – but not when they were actively playing. Having played sports myself in high school, I know what kinda goes on in the locker room at times and I even understand why it happen – and there’s just quiet, “looking the other way” acceptance of the fact that being on a team is a brotherhood (or sisterhood) and that the game creates a closeness that, if you don’t play a team sport, maybe can’t be understood, and that the emotions of the game can create situations in that brotherhood that can allow sex – and even love – to flourish. But most people don’t know this so when a Micheal Sam comes along and tells everyone he’s gay, people are shocked – how could he be gay and playing college football? Didn’t that cause problems? Apparently not, since he did play and I’d go as far to say that before he came out, his teammates probably figured it out or suspected – but that didn’t affect the team and there was no hype because no one outside that locker room knew.

    But he told everyone and now his career as an NFL player may not be fulfilled any time soon. Yeah, eventually, the NFL and its players’ union, will squash the media hype and even turn it around so that having an openly gay player in the league is really a good thing and has nothing to do with his ability to crush quarterbacks – and they’d be right – but they haven’t gotten there yet… but they will because they also know that fans will fill stadium seats just to see the first openly gay player in action – it’ll be damned good for business. Whether that happens next season or the one after, the NFL is in a position to give a huge boost to gay athletes all over the world by not paying much attention to the fact that the player’s gay or bi.


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