What is Sexual Freedom?

With a New Year rapidly approaching, only days away as a matter of fact energy in the atmosphere is changing rapidly.

The power of mass thought is real and strong I believe.

So many people are pondering making life changes right now, at this moment.

People are planning their next year in career, family, love, relationships, living situations, health and so much more.

Winter can be a time of isolation, hibernation, reflection and emotional whirlwinds. I say emotional whirlwinds because people experience such a wide range of emotions during the winter holidays which in turn leaves people looking forward to change at the end of the year.

Everyone’s focused on change.

Well, one thing I’ve been pondering is sexual freedom.

Like true sexual freedom. What is it? It’s definition is different to everyone that’s for sure.

For me I think it’s freedom to be bisexual, straight, gay, wear panties, boxers or not. Wear a bra or not. Not being afraid to be who you are sexually be it a very private person or a very public person.

Freedom to just BE.

When you’re married sometimes it’s just not possible. There’s someone there to tell you what they like, will stand for, won’t stand for and their opinion has impact on your life.

I’m not talking about dysfunctional marriages just plain ole regular marriages require consideration of your spouses thoughts and feelings. Especially regarding your sexual tastes.

Being married in and of itself is difficult.

Having outside of the norm sexual tastes such as bisexuality makes it all the more difficult.

I am not a relationship expert by education.

I am a relationship expert regarding my own life experiences and learning what worked and what didn’t for me.

Relationships are complicated.

There have been times when I thought relationships just weren’t for me.

With men or women.

I’m married to someone now.

Can we really be sexually free, and married.

I believe so, depending on who we married and what our definition of sexually free is.

So, with that being said, what does sexual freedom mean to you?

Are you sexually free?


-Jay Dee, Founder


4 thoughts on “What is Sexual Freedom?

  1. Sex, as you know, is a form of expression and one that is socially, ah, constrained and restricted to certain situations. I learned, via my bisexuality, that sexual freedom isn’t always about doing – it’s about knowing that if you wanted to, you could because you have what it takes to be sexually liberated – and if you happen to have a partner who supports you in this, so much the better.

    You know the social restrictions that are in place but you’re able to see through them and decide/determine for yourself what form your sexual happiness is to take shape and without feeling much in the way of shame because you’ve found that being outside the box is the best way for you to be when it comes to this.

    Like I said, you don’t always have to be able to do… but if you can, you know that you could and not really have to think twice or otherwise convince yourself about any of it. It’s not about living up to society’s standards – it’s about fulfilling one’s own potential in this and having zero shame in your game about it.

  2. What a great topic. I very recently was granted sexual freedom by my husband. While I hasn’t “used” my new freedoms yet, just the act of having them makes me happier in my marriage. I feel like he trusts me so much and wants me to have something that completes me.

    1. MeredithLee, I’m so glad you commented. You pointed highlighted something very important. Sometimes that’s all we need is a SENSE of freedom. Just knowing we can be free to be ourselves with our spouse in any capacity makes for an easier relationship.
      It’s like guy who doesn’t like monogamy will be more comfortable with a female that will accept his lifestyle. Most likely he’ll utilize that liberty much less than a rebellious boyfriend that’s trying to prove he’s going to stick to his guns and remain poly no matter what which in which can possibly make her expendable vs. a valued part of his life.
      Make sense?
      Congrats on your new found freedom. Use it wisely & keep us posted! ๐Ÿ™‚
      -Jay Dee


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