So, I came out, now what?

A woman’s wonderful perspective on being a bisexual married woman, her self identity and experience with coming out to family & friends. Awesome post.
Kudos to you Bellaelena!

-Jay Dee, Founder


2014 has not been a good year for me. I came out of the closet as being bisexual this year. It took me 46 years of my life to finally accept it, and acknowledge it. I’m not sure if it changed my life at all. I’m still married to my husband of 21 years, so it’s not like I could jump into the female dating pool.

I’m a shy introvert who is not what “society” calls beautiful. I can attract people online, because they only see my personality. But the online me is so different from the in person me who has trouble talking to strangers. So, even if I was single, my looks, shyness and introversion would work against me.

Coming out has brought a certain freedom. I can accept myself for who I am. I can admit that I am attracted to women instead of hiding that fact…

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