Looking Back…& Forward

2014 was a great year for BiWifeLife

This has never been a stats thing to me. It’s always been about who we are, the fact we are here and bonding with, sharing with other biwives like myself.

BUT our numbers skyrocketed in just one year without paid advertising, SEO or anything!

In 2013 we had 9,000 views & 3,500 visitors.

In 2014 to date we have had 59,400 views & 2,600 visitors!!! 

That says two things to me.

#1 We are a blog that people need.

#2 We are a blog that people come back to.

My BiWifeLife in 2014

Jay Dee
Jay Dee

A lot has changed in my life since I began blogging in my marriage and my life as a bisexual woman.

When I started this blog I was dealing with a woman I wanted to be with but couldn’t because she didn’t fit me. I was still hurt by my ex girlfriend before her and was hoping to find someone like or better than her…while dealing with the woman who didn’t fit me.

She was a ball of drama but her body was addictive. Through her actions and our own we left her alone. Finally. Period.

I have not been with a woman in a few months, I do have the desire but not the energy.

Being married and bisexual it’s very hard to find someone who will become a part of my life. Through frustration I gave up and just put the energy into the universe I am ready for ‘Her’. I pray the Universe hears me and she comes into my life organically.

I have met a wonderful woman online I’ve yet to meet. We plan to meet in the New Year. Who knows? 😉

My marriage is as any other would be. Good times, bad times. Marriage in and of itself is not always a easy journey. God willing in Feb we’ll be celebrating one of our wedding anniversaries. We had two ceremonies, one religious to make our relationship right in the eyes of God. Another at City Hall a year and a few months later. Year after year only God knows will we see another year married. Death, illness or divorce could claim any marriage. We can only pray for forever…

BiWifeLife & The BiWives Club 2014

love knows no boundaries

As far as the BiWifeLife goes I’ve experienced so many emotions with you all. I’ve read comments and stories from such a wide variety of people through the year. I’ve laughed, cried, followed stories and have been allowed to be there for some of the most intimate thoughts, feelings and emotions of so many wonderful people.

The community has growing a lot. Readers are very active browsing, commenting and even connecting.

I have been informed of other complimenting online outlets to enhance BiWifeLife & communicating with each other by a few wonderful souls who were willing to give me advice on how to make the site more supportive and functional for readers. I’ll be working on those things in 2015.

The foundation has been set. We are here. Now, it’s time to let the world know it!

The goal for 2015 is to really move forward with exposure and establishing ground meetings.


We’ll see what 2015 has in store for us 🙂

All my kindred spirits I wish you all much happiness, peace, prosperity, love and joy in your marriages.

May 2015 bless you with all you dream of for yourselves!

With love in my heart,

-Jay Dee, Founder BiWifeLife & The BiWives Club (ground meetings coming soon!)


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