Getting Over Your Crush…

5 Practical Realities Of Getting Over Your Unrequited Crush

This has been such a hard thing for me to deal with lately. I had a crush on this girl for a solid year and a half. We spent time together here and there, but never got close. I never broke down the wall around myself that both protected my true self from being judged and kept me from being close with her. Vulnerability is the only way to achieve intimacy, and that is downright terrifying sometimes. She was always friendly with me, but I felt she was holding back as well. I felt hurt when I was always the one to initiate plans, and sometimes it would take her weeks to even respond to me.

Two weeks ago I finally got so sick of carrying the weight around with me and decided I had nothing to lose by spilling my guts to her. At best, she would say she felt the same. At worst, nothing would happen but I would still be relieved of my burden. The latter happened when I sent a short but well-composed text telling her how I felt.

I found this article about a month ago. I wasn’t quite ready to let go of her then, but reading these brutally honest words certainly helped.


Meredith, Contributing Author


4 thoughts on “Getting Over Your Crush…

  1. Ugh. My roller coaster of emotions continues even since posting this. Two and a half weeks after texting her how I felt, she texted me back and I spilled even more of my guts. She never actually said how she felt, but pretty much that she could never be with someone in a nonmonogamous relationship. I’ve gone between fine and heartbroken since then, and back and forth. I’m determined to get her out of my head, but the hard I try, the more I fail. I just want to forget her.

    1. Awwww Meredith, hang in there. I crushed over a female at work for a while and when I told her how I felt she flat out rejected me and said she had no interest in me besides just friends.
      I felt some kind of way behind it and it ate at me for a couple of weeks. I still think of her. Her business card sits on my desk and I glance at it from time to time trying to come up with reasons to see her. Although I have plenty of events I could invite her to I don’t. Even though she said she’d love to be my plus one at events. I want her to be on my arm, not just there as a friend…so I’ve put her out of my mind. Her business card is going in the shredder this week. 🙂
      -Jay Dee


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