Mixed Orientation Marriage | Pathways to Success

I’ve read a lot of stories that seem to have the same things in common-hubby isn’t cool with bisexuality or the thought of sharing his wife.

It can be VERY TOUGH to be a bisexual married person of any gender.

I haven’t had as much time to read as much of this site as I would like but again, I have to link back to them because they have awesome info and perspectives within their pages.

Check it out, hopefully if you don’t find the answers within Our blog,  you can find them within this site.

Mixed Orientation Marriage | Pathways to Success.

-Jay Dee, Founder

Purple Purse & Domestic Violence

As a survivor of Domestic Violence and a true lover of my sisters in womanhood I urge you all to become more educated and aware of the signs and cycle of Domestic Violence. Share what you learn with other women and pay it forward.

Domestic Violence is always hidden behind the shadows, right in our faces. Sometimes we can sense/see it, other times we hear of it, other times we are victims of it. Almost everyone knows someone who’s dealt with it.

Domestic Violence is never easy for friends, family or the battered wife to put an end to. It is usually secret, scary and sometimes downright terrifying to live with for the wife and those who know of it.

Kerry Washington is one of my BIGGEST crushes.

With her captivating beauty during an ad campaign she led me to a wonderful site through the television.

Take a look and remember, it’s silence & ignorance that keeps the cycle alive!

Home – Purple Purse.

-Jay Dee, Founder

Thank You!

We’ve surpassed 60,000 views, approaching 61k rapidly 🙂

Unfortunately we won’t be holding our first ground meeting until after the New Year due to renovations at The Center.

I was informed we may be able to begin our first groups somewhere in mid to late February.

With that I’d like to encourage you all to take a deeper look at your surroundings and ask yourself if YOU could be the Chair Person for a BiWifeLife & BiWives Club chapter in your area.

If interested, as always, just drop a line to biwifelife@gmail.com.

I’m so grateful for all of the support you guys have given BiWifeLife and it’s members since we opened.

I pray never ending love, peace, freedom, understanding and happiness in your marriages–for all!

-Jay Dee, Founder

Being broke & dating

When I first met my husband he spoiled me rotten.

He played the big baller role taking me to some of NY’s hottest spots, running tabs for expensive service and having the time of our lives.

I personally do not date broke men. I did that already. I ended up supporting one man for 2 years, another for 18 months and one man for almost 4/5 years on and off.

I will not date a man who cannot provide for me the way I provide for myself or better.

My husband’s professional salary is very decent and whether I work or don’t our home does not depend on it.

That being said, when I’m broke, I’m broke. When work doesn’t come, it just doesn’t come.

I work for myself and I do have dry spells from time to time.

When I think of dating a female I think of myself in the traditional masculine capacity.

Buying her flowers, taking her for a romantic stroll, dinner wherever she wants, drinks, a cab home.

In all honesty that’s not possible all the time.

I’ll never forget the night my husband, then boyfriend, told his son (who met us after an expensive date in Manhattan’s Meat Packing District) he couldn’t stop at a restaurant in my neighborhood because he was broke. They had to wait to get home to have hot dogs.

If I fell in love before then, I fell ten times more that moment.

His honesty was so real and raw.

In that moment I knew I’d be with him if he had money or not.

He tried to impress me and when the money ran out he was so honest about it.

Most women would have run away.

Hot dogs? That’s dinner because he’s broke? Oh hell no! lol

Seems women feel that way about women as well.

Work has been scarce, when money does come in I can’t afford dates, we have a family!

I’ve learned, nobody wants to date a broke person.

A few potentially awesome LTR’s have fizzled before they could truly spark because I’m just not

into spending money outside my home on things that aren’t for the betterment of myself or family.

We’re on a mission to succeed and we can’t spend money frivolously

LGBT In The Media…

28 Lesbian Sex Positions to Blow Your Mind.

I followed the link above and my mind was blown away.

I’m wondering if this is okay today.

I mean, is it acceptable?

The media has A LOT of influence on societal perception.

Are we truly moving into the LGBT, Bisexual Era?

Fashion has taken men’s clothing in a feminine direction. More and more men and women are becoming androgynous in physical appearance and clothing.

I’ve encountered so many confused children on train platforms, on the streets and in parks who I’ve overheard asking a loved one “Is that a boy or a girl.” referring to a nearby adult, teen or even ‘gender free’ child.

Is this what bisexuality is about? Fluid sexuality?

-Jay Dee, Founder


Oh em gee, we’re about to hit 60,000 views!!!

I’m so excited and so grateful to everyone who’s passed through our pages, commented, connected and helped us grow this far.

Remember, browse, comment, connect, suggest.

I’m always here to listen, I moderate ALL comments.

This is a positive space for all biwives and supporters of bisexual married women.

With the warmest regards!

-Jay Dee, Founder

How to Make an Oatmeal Bath: 8 Steps with Pictures – wikiHow

When I was a child my Mother and Step Grandmother taught me how to blend/make teas. From there I sought out knowledge and learned how to use herbs and basic household items to beautify, relax and invigorate myself.

In today’s information era a lot of what was handed down by word of mouth and conjured up over library books can easily be found online.

Mom used to give me oatmeal baths for extremely itchy and dry skin growing up.

I’ve had every kind of oatmeal bath you can imagine from prepackaged to specially medicated to home made.

Browsing for a simplistic way to make your own oatmeal bath online I found this…

How to Make an Oatmeal Bath: 8 Steps with Pictures – wikiHow.

Pretty simple. Would you try it?

Jay Dee, Founder

The Past Few Weeks

Have been rather interesting.

I developed a crush while working a short stint outside of my home. After a couple of weeks of holidng my breath and figuring out the right way to tell her I had a crush on her, she rejected me! 😦 She said she wasn’t interested in being anything more than friends. I said that was cool and left it at if I needed someone to attend an event with me or something I’d hit her up.

I then posted online promoting BiWifeLife and got quite a few responses directly aimed at interest in me. I did include in the very last line I was happily married but looking 😉

I connected with one and just when we were to meet our schedules got pretty hectic. I think about her every day since we’ve last spoke and just wonder what if anything will happen with that. She’s an awesome woman according to the conversations we’ve had. We just haven’t been able to meet face to face yet. -_-

Another young woman hit me up as well. She lives much closer than the first but her schedule is just as hectic as mine! Not to mention I’m so busy sometimes I don’t answer my phone promptly which puts females off. She mentioned being able to possibly meet this weekend.

I know I may be a bit overwhelmed this weekend with visiting children. I may have the house completely peaceful depending on the children’s mothers. One thing I do know is the majority of my homework is due to be submitted online by midnight Sunday. I will be buried in Health Care Law & Ethics on Sat & Sunday.

Am I too busy for a new female in my life?

I never have the energy to talk on the phone, I don’t hang out at bars and clubs, I hate texting and I can be elusive at times.

That doesn’t mean I don’t want someone I can see when I’m free. Someone to chill with in down time. Not every day can be a free day!

In any case, hectic schedules seem to be the cock blockers in my biwifelife today.

Hubby’s just patiently standing by as I go through my process hoping for the best for me.

Keep y’all updated!

-Jay Dee, Founder

Here, Here!

I love this guy KDaddy! He expresses some awesome points of thought in his blog.
I followed the link and read a totally honest, ferociously real article I truly enjoyed.
My family and I read it together as we viewed the pictures. At the end of the article
I had to give the author applause. I really did. Awesome pingback! 🙂

-Jay Dee, Founder

Kdaddy23's Blog

I found a pingback on my Dashboard this morning related to this URL – http://www.chocolatecoveredlies.com/stop-effeminate-black-men-pt-1/ – and, as is my habit, before I approved or disapproved it, I went to check it out and, well, damn, it brought something to my attention that, honestly, I’ve never paid any attention to in this context.

From a sexuality point of view, I’ve learned that effeminate men make me a little nuts – but I don’t hate on them even though a man trying to out-woman a woman gives me the willies.  If you go check out the URL, you’ll find that the author’s writing about Black men who are, for all intents and purposes, dressing up in women’s clothing – celebrities, according to this writing – and, yeah, I kinda find myself agreeing with a lot of what the author had to say, not that I give a flying fuck what celebrities are…

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