Purple Purse & Domestic Violence

As a survivor of Domestic Violence and a true lover of my sisters in womanhood I urge you all to become more educated and aware of the signs and cycle of Domestic Violence. Share what you learn with other women and pay it forward.

Domestic Violence is always hidden behind the shadows, right in our faces. Sometimes we can sense/see it, other times we hear of it, other times we are victims of it. Almost everyone knows someone who’s dealt with it.

Domestic Violence is never easy for friends, family or the battered wife to put an end to. It is usually secret, scary and sometimes downright terrifying to live with for the wife and those who know of it.

Kerry Washington is one of my BIGGEST crushes.

With her captivating beauty during an ad campaign she led me to a wonderful site through the television.

Take a look and remember, it’s silence & ignorance that keeps the cycle alive!

Home – Purple Purse.

-Jay Dee, Founder



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