LGBT In The Media…

28 Lesbian Sex Positions to Blow Your Mind.

I followed the link above and my mind was blown away.

I’m wondering if this is okay today.

I mean, is it acceptable?

The media has A LOT of influence on societal perception.

Are we truly moving into the LGBT, Bisexual Era?

Fashion has taken men’s clothing in a feminine direction. More and more men and women are becoming androgynous in physical appearance and clothing.

I’ve encountered so many confused children on train platforms, on the streets and in parks who I’ve overheard asking a loved one “Is that a boy or a girl.” referring to a nearby adult, teen or even ‘gender free’ child.

Is this what bisexuality is about? Fluid sexuality?

-Jay Dee, Founder


3 thoughts on “LGBT In The Media…

  1. I hope so. I hope that we get to a point where labels no longer matter and that we all become merely ‘sexual’ without assumption. As much as our bodies are made up mostly of water, our sexual identities are equally fluid. I believe that if you source yourself in nothingness, there’s a steadfastness and a fluidity that allows for an acceptance of all polarities.

    1. Very interesting perspective. As a mother I have to ask what will this mean for our children as they grow up and learn gender differences? How do I teach a child the difference between male and female? Do I specify genitalia is what makes the difference? Should the next generation of children be taught there is no gender separation just humans and not teach gender identity?
      -Jay Dee, Founder

      1. I am not sure on the details only that it’s sourced in compassion and equanimity. Acceptance and a recognition of boundaries would be the first thing that should be taught.


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