The Past Few Weeks

Have been rather interesting.

I developed a crush while working a short stint outside of my home. After a couple of weeks of holidng my breath and figuring out the right way to tell her I had a crush on her, she rejected me! 😦 She said she wasn’t interested in being anything more than friends. I said that was cool and left it at if I needed someone to attend an event with me or something I’d hit her up.

I then posted online promoting BiWifeLife and got quite a few responses directly aimed at interest in me. I did include in the very last line I was happily married but looking 😉

I connected with one and just when we were to meet our schedules got pretty hectic. I think about her every day since we’ve last spoke and just wonder what if anything will happen with that. She’s an awesome woman according to the conversations we’ve had. We just haven’t been able to meet face to face yet. -_-

Another young woman hit me up as well. She lives much closer than the first but her schedule is just as hectic as mine! Not to mention I’m so busy sometimes I don’t answer my phone promptly which puts females off. She mentioned being able to possibly meet this weekend.

I know I may be a bit overwhelmed this weekend with visiting children. I may have the house completely peaceful depending on the children’s mothers. One thing I do know is the majority of my homework is due to be submitted online by midnight Sunday. I will be buried in Health Care Law & Ethics on Sat & Sunday.

Am I too busy for a new female in my life?

I never have the energy to talk on the phone, I don’t hang out at bars and clubs, I hate texting and I can be elusive at times.

That doesn’t mean I don’t want someone I can see when I’m free. Someone to chill with in down time. Not every day can be a free day!

In any case, hectic schedules seem to be the cock blockers in my biwifelife today.

Hubby’s just patiently standing by as I go through my process hoping for the best for me.

Keep y’all updated!

-Jay Dee, Founder


4 thoughts on “The Past Few Weeks

  1. Hi Jay Dee, I just stumbled across the blog and I’m beyond grateful that I have. I’ll share more story in the appropriate place, but this post makes me pretty envious that you can just tell your crushes that you like them. I’ve been friends (less than that really, more like acquaintances who sporadically grab a coffe or beer) with a woman for about a year and have never been able to tell her how I feel. For much of the time she had a girlfriend, but now that she’s single I’m struggling a lot. My husband and I have talked about an open relationship/polyamory before, but he’s still against it for us. So I really have no reason to tell my crush except to just get it off my chest or maybe to help disolve the friendship so I don’t have to be around her anymore. I would miss her terribly, but it hurts to be around her knowing I can’t do anything, plus I don’t see her all that much anyway.

    I didn’t expect to rant that much, just wanted to share my story and open it up for feedback. Thank you again so much for making this place for us bi wives ❤

    1. Well Hi Meredith!

      Thank you for commenting and sharing your situation. It’s not always easy for me to tell my crushes I like them. Sometimes I never do, other times she’s so irresistible I just have to or I’ll pop! I’m sorry to hear that hubby isn’t on board. 😦
      That’s always a tough and sometimes touchy situation.
      I hope things get easier for you. Removing the temptation may help, who knows?
      I hope you keep us posted 🙂
      Don’t forget to browse, comment, connect, suggest.
      There are A WIDE VARIETY of stories on this blog and soooooooooo many perspectives.
      Maybe somewhere in there you can find the support you need.
      We’re here for you!
      -Jay Dee, Founder


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