Office Romance?

You’re at the copy machine and she walks by.

You blush, you can’t help it.

Every day she smells so sweet, her smiling face gives you butterflies every morning.

You can’t wait to get to work just to see her face.

She has no idea you exist.

Until one day she catches you glancing and locks eyes with you and you can feel it…

She’s noticed you too.

You guys talk on break, hit it off. Over time you two get pretty close.

The sexual tension is in the air and it’s on the brink of exploding all over your desk, lol.

What do you do? Are office romances bad?

Is work a good place to meet your next love interest?

Well, you know the old saying goes something like “Business and pleasure don’t mix.”

What if she’s just that special, that tempting, that you’re ready to throw caution to the wind?

What if she’s your long time work crush, and you find out she’s into you too?!

Why not? What could it hurt? Hubby knows, he’s cool with it, she’s fine with you being married.

Should you or shouldn’t you act on those urges?

When it comes to work and romance I typically avoid mixing the two although I do work well with others, despite the presence of a sexual relationship. I am very business minded and business is business.

I personally don’t believe in allowing personal relationships interfere with making money to sustain my lifestyle therefore I’d never have the office arguments, drama, etc.

Not everyone thinks the same way.

Emotions can run strong, especially when a relationship turns bad.

Could you stand to see this person every day if you became involved romantically and it ended ugly?

My current husband and I share a beautiful marriage with limited skirmishes. We do argue and get mad at each other as any other couple does.

We worked together from home for the past 4 years pretty much. During business hours we don’t discuss personal business, argue or fight. Our favorite saying is “See me after 6.” 🙂

My mother and her ex wife worked together only seats apart in the same office for YEARS and NOBODY knew for at least the first couple of years. NOBODY. They never jeopardized each other’s jobs as fraternizing was totally not allowed at her company. They both respected each other’s careers and kept personal personal. Their marriage ended years later long after they’d both left the job they met and fell in love at and they are still friends to date.

In my case,  I personally could have an office romance and nobody would be the wiser. Ever.

If my interest felt as strongly about focusing on work vs. romance that is.

What if your office lover is the one to make scenes, etc at work despite your mutual promise to keep it cool?

Well, back to that old saying, ” Business and pleasure just don’t go together.”

Office romance is a risk you take when you decide to act on those two very tempting questions:

“Why not? What could it hurt?”

-Jay Dee, Founder.

2 thoughts on “Office Romance?

  1. Jay Dee, you never fail to write about a topic that I desperately need to hear at the EXACT time I need to hear it. I agree that mixing business with pleasure can be dangerous without a clearly defined line and form of communication between both parties.

    The past few weeks I have been on a super long project at work, causing me to spend late nights and early mornings with an amazing, brilliant, and beautiful new coworker who sprinkles our hours of work with smiles, winks, and friendly touching. I call it flirting, but I may be way off base. And even of it IS flirting, I’m not so sure I am ready to get into a relationship, especially not with a coworker I have to work so closely with for the next few months. If this project is completed successfully (hopefully by mid February), maybe I would explore it, since she would go back to another work location and I wouldn’t have to see her every day from 6am to 9/10pm.

    But I gotta admit, when I get a few minutes of down time at work (especially when it gets late in the evening) I find myself daydreaming about spreading her across my desk…
    Give me strength…..

    1. Sorry for such a late response Stephanie. I too was working on a long project-finals, lol.

      Your story made me say “Awwwwwww!”
      I can just picture you two at work together, long hours, a night in the office and the electricity in the air.
      Throwing caution to the wind you dive and and you do it, you spread her across your desk! lmao 😀

      In reality, thinking logically about a work romance is the only way to go about it I say.
      Work can affect the relationship and vice-versa. Bad business I say.

      I also held a short term position outside of my house where within a week and half I had one guy flirting and found myself crushing on a female coworker. 😮 I personally wasn’t interested in the guy (#teamhubby) but SHE was another story.

      Her and I only spoke one evening after work and I could feel myself wanting so badly to invite her over.
      I had visions of us in the park after work, walking, talking, kissing…dinners at my house, wine, movies…
      She had ‘The One’ potential.

      My brief stint ended and I want so badly to reach out to her.
      She divulged a few things that evening after work that conveyed I might have a chance. 🙂
      I’m very respectful and didn’t make a pass at her, at all, because one’s sexuality doesn’t mean attraction to EVERYONE of that gender, lol.

      In any case, I know what it’s like to have to see her all day every day. I’d peek over my computer screen to watch her work and she never knew.
      I had my eye on her from day one. She’s gorgeous, well put together, intelligent, always smelled good, looks like she feels good, taste good, all that!
      Ugggh. I torture myself.
      It’s so hard to think about her, knowing she’s at her desk, carrying on with her day and I may never see her face again.

      It’s surely much harder than hiding my crush during business hours.
      You’re lucky because you have time to build a relationship with her while at work knowing once the project ends
      you will have a chance at keeping in touch. I only spent one hour in Her presence outside of work!
      I have her business card and think I’m going to reach out, now there’s no conflict of interest.

      Only concern now is, will she accept my invitation to get to know each other?

      I have a desk at home I could spread her across and we could pretend we were at work still ;), lmao!!!

      -Jay Dee, Founder


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