Looking for a Bi Girl Online?

Today I had a question asked of me that’s actually asked quite often- “Do you know where I can find a bi girl?”

beautiful black women kissing

Actually yea, I do, the same place everyone goes for sex-Craigslist.

Now do I recommend it? Not really. If it’s a fantasy or desire that you just can’t shake and you’re willing to take the chance then go ahead.

I sure have.

I haven’t organically met a woman since our last mutual girlfriend. She was actually the parent of one of my teenage daughter’s love interests and we began “dating” after her child and my child stopped seeing each other.

It was luck.

I know after a year, a full year of posting, trolling, joining websites and the likes that it’s damn near impossible to find the woman of your dreams through searching online.

It is possible though.

I met my wonderful husband online almost 5 years ago.

We fell in love the first night, I moved in with him in a couple of months, we married 6 months later. We worked from home together, we merged our children into one family and we’re building a life together day by day. Not without trials but he is EXACTLY what I was looking for.

How did I find  him?

I posted a few detailed and sincere ads online. My oldest daughter helped me sift through the responses and narrowed them down to the ones that held my interest.

I responded to some, deleted a lot. I finally got down to 6 candidates. Went on 5 horrible dates and when I was just “done” with the dating process I had one date left.

I dressed up for all the other dates, did my hair, makeup, etc for each potential Mr. Right- and they were all just the worst dates ever!is

The night of our date I didn’t do my hair, I wrapped it. I didn’t get dressed up, I wore a jean skirt and a hoodie with sneakers. I put on very light makeup and ended up taking it all off about an hour into the date.

When he emerged from the train station and I immediately was truly interested. He spoke and I began to swoon inside. Our first date lasted from 10pm to 6am walking around our beautiful city talking and connecting. We were instantly drawn to each other and held the same life ideals. We’d been looking for each other and found each other online.

Can this happen with a woman?

Maybe. Women are much pickier, women can be very finicky and judgmental where men aren’t.

I haven’t had luck online finding a LTR although I have met a few women of interest from online.

I find meeting women organically is much easier.

Honestly, at this point in my life I just don’t have the drive to pursue a woman when there’s so much more going on.

If she comes along we won’t let her pass us bi, but right now we don’t have time to search, we’re working hard to build our careers 😀

Looking for a relationship with another woman or biwife online is too tiresome for me.

NSA’s aren’t my thing but much easier to find for some reason.

Have you had any luck finding someone online?

If so share your story below! I’m sure we’d all love to know =)

-Jay Dee, Founder


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