A fine example of why we should protect ourselves…

HPV- Human Papilloma Virus

The only reason why I chose to post on this topic is because of my post yesterday.

The post discussed my active awareness of protecting myself with someone I don’t know or abstaining until test results are exchanged.

The disease HPV is caused by skin to skin contact with an infected person.

Click here  and Here to read more about how this disease is transmitted and how it can affect men and women.

The guy in the link below is a rare but very real case of HPV virus gone haywire.

Indonesian “Tree Man” Continues Treatment For Human Papilloma Virus – Pictures – Zimbio.

God forbid!

Any time you have more than one partner it’s always wise to err on the side of caution in my very strong opinion.

Good balance of knowledge and action can prevent so much.

One doesn’t have to be obsessive about it, just knowledgeable and know how to apply techniques with grace. 😉

-Jay Dee, Founder


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