6 Herbs for PMS – Kotex.com®

6 Herbs for PMS – Articles & Information – Kotex.com®.

As a woman we have to deal with PMS for most of our lives.

As a bisexual woman we have to deal with PMS in our lovers or girlfriend.

It can be pretty ugly sometimes.

Sometimes PMS symptoms can be intolerable.


Relationships that may have been blissful for life can be ruined by two women PMS’ing at the same time every month.

I’ve found when I get really close to a woman our cycles can become the same from symptoms to dates and flow sometimes.

I can honestly say I cannot deal. Just can’t. I have my own issues I work through every month.

Sometimes the PMS can make me a bit insane (with my eating habits & attitudes) and I just can’t control it. Those hormones can be strong and I can’t stand it!


In an effort to make myself a better woman for those around me and within myself I’ve always tried to be mindful of how I treat others.

One day I decided to look up ways to make my life and personal relationships better while PMS’ing.

I found over the years there are many remedies to alleviate PMS symptoms.

I personally have found the key is balancing your hormones carefully and attaining homeostasis (mind/body/soul balance).

Hope you guys enjoy the link and be mindful of your symptoms!

-Jay Dee, Founder



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