BiRequest & The Center

Hello BiWifers!

I’d like to send a special shout out to the New York Area Bisexual Area Network (NYBAN) and the Bi Request meetup group located at The Center in Manhattan, NY.

NYBAN has been somewhat of a home point for me this past year or so. I’m not able to make meetings often but when I do they are always refreshing. It’s good to have a place to go from time to time or even regularly that includes familiar faces, stories and camaraderie among members.

The Center is a place I’ve known all my life. When I was little my mom would bring us with her. When I really came out as a preteen I was dropped off at Center Youth. When my oldest daughter insisted she preferred girls, you guessed it, took her to The Center. My second oldest has been to The Center but I’m not sure if she’s attended any meetings.

Yesterday I took my one and only biological son. He enjoyed the first half of a NYBAN meeting, his first ever, anywhere. From there we went downstairs to enjoy a Welcome to NY event that was being held to introduce new NY’kers to The Center. We had a ball! My son is now hanging out at The Center with Center Youth and other kids his age.

My oldest has been volunteering for The Center for about a year now a few days a week and when needed.

It’s good to become involved. It’s actually very liberating and it allows for social interaction with people like you.

Each of us all found a place to call home. A place with people like us. Bisexual, lesbian or whatever queer we are, there’s a support group, meeting, party, something going on at The Center year round.

There’s even a LGBT Choir and Center Recovery for those with addiction as well as sexuality issues.

I love that place from the top floors that haven’t been opened since I was a kid roller skating up and down the lumpy hard wood hallways in the 90’s to the new lobby they’re building today that would be a skateboarders wet dream, lol.

(There is NO roller skating or skateboarding allowed in The Center (probably because of kids like me). I was 11/12 being defiant. Do not attempt! lol)

I encourage all of you who are questioning, ready to come out or those who just need a place to find other like themselves to visit your local LGBT Center and attend a group.

If there is no LGBT Center where you live that may be something you need to address.

I once lived in rural Virginia where there was no Masjid for us to pray or congregate. There were only 4 Muslims in the town at the time. One of the 4 Muslims in the town turned his basement into our Masjid.

As more Muslims came to the town they found out by word of mouth where the local Masjid was. We weren’t broadcasting, but we were there. Others knew how to find us. Seek and ye shall find 🙂

Same concept.

Like persons always seek out other like persons no matter how rural.

The Center will be Home Base for The BiWives Club but unfortunately they aren’t allowing any new meeting groups until further renovations are complete. I inquired the first week of Sept.

I’d offer the groups out of my house if I knew the attendees from posting and interacting here, they’ve added me on Facebook, moved into Virtual meetups, participated regularly and were ready to make it official on the ground.

Why not?

It takes a lot to build from nothing to something. What it takes is involvement. Neither the Bi Request meeting nor the Welcome to NY party could have been held without group effort in creating the event and attendees.

If there are no attendees…yup you guessed it, there’s no meeting.

I’ve decided to kind of buckle down on this blog and see how serious, how dedicated some of Our readers are.

This isn’t about just vomiting your feelings on a keyboard in passing. For some it is.

In order for this place to be truly interactive it can’t be just about “sharing your story” for everyone.

How many of you would attend a BiWifeLife group in your area if one was offered?

Would you be brave enough to open the first Chapter in your area?

-Jay Dee, Founder




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