The Norwalk Boat Show-HURRY-Tomorrow’s the last day!!!

I was so nicely invited to the Norwalk Boat show to share with my readers the experience.

I’ve chosen to do so in pictures so you can see first hand what I saw.

It was a beautiful sunny day out (as tomorrow is supposed to be) and the waters were gorgeous. The rows of boats, displayed boats and people milling about on the docks with the green islands behind them in the distance made a post card image. My husband came along to take images while I took notes. Here’s our day at the Norwalk Boat Show.

Turning off the exit
Turning off the exit. Sorry it’s a bit blurry, we were going the speed limit, lol. After just a few turns and following the signs we see a lovely spring to our Left.




To the left just outside the entrance of the Marina


To my right just outside the entrance of the Marina

Entrance. Such a lovely sign!

Just to the left of this sign is a playground, skate park, picnic area. Also further along the path you will find a burger joint for the hungry munchkins.

Parking Lot
Beautiful boats just inside the initial parking lot.


Steps past the Free Doggy Sitting Kennel just inside from the parking lot. Directly to the right of where I took this picture is free doggy sitting the entire time you are in the show. The show runs for about 8 hours. Bring your doggy for a dog day out!


We were met in the Parking Lot by a lovely welcome person who escorted us to the Press Booth to collect our Lunches and passes. Not everyone likes photos taken, lol.


Just past the ticket booth. We’re in! The Norwalk Boat Show’s top sponsors are Geico & Progressive.


The Geico Speed Boat


Just to the left of the Geico Speed boat sat a pure beauty. Miss Daisy

Should you go Ladies you MUST take a pic with Miss Daisy, use the hashtag #MissDaisy and don’t forget to hashtag #biwifelifeblog!

Do it for Jay Dee 🙂


Directly across from Miss Daisy sits her beau. I don’t know his name but he sure is handsome! Guys take your pic, use hashtag #NorwalkBoatShow & #BiWifeLifeSupporter. Do it for Jay Dee!


Finally, down the boardwalk and into the boat show!

What I would like to remind you all is these boats are docked by companies showing off their prizes in hopes to sell.  Boats are more affordable than you may think. My husband and I did some shopping around.

We saw every single boat in the show. There were boats priced from $80k with low monthly payments to floating luxury hotels that ran millions. There was something for everyone from the every day Joe to the Warren Buffets. The boats hosts and hostesses were very well informed, knowledgeable and friendly. There were some hard pressure sales pitches that made me a bit uncomfortable put me in the mind of time share sales.

In the end, I’m  NY’ker with thick skin. We made it off the boats without signing our lives away, although hubby was tempted, lol 🙂


One of our first stops was at Try It Cove. My husband tried kyacking (which we do at home when feasible), I tried paddle boarding.

Here’s a series of pics showing the wonderful instruction by Down Under’s owner who makes pros out of newbies in minutes!

Her main focus is safety and efficiency. I can say this much, she’s totally awesome. Check her out here at this great article showing just how awesome their instruction is. Even an 80 year old can learn to stand up paddle board!

Instruction and try outs FREE at the show in Try It Cove 😀


Learning how to hold the oar.


Ready to head out!


He’s got the hang of it 🙂


Learning how to use the oar and paddle board.
SAMSUNGLearning how to stand up on the board on the docked practice board before going out onto the water.
Down Under Instruction7
He’s kyacking, I’m stand up paddle  boarding with only 5 minutes of instruction!


Smoothies after lunch in the Cabana.

See the website for images of the wonderfully shaded Cabana with a cash bar, tables, stools and live music.

There’s so much more! I will be adding pictures through the night of our free boat ride and more.

I really wanted to share this with you guys while there’s still time to get tickets.

Only $15 each adult & children under 15 free why not make a day on the lake?


-Jay Dee, Founder


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